Eyes the windows to the soul end up saying millions of things that we keep trying to hide.

More often than not we end up being the slaves to the unspoken. When it comes to matters of the heart we instantaneously seal our lips and wish someone unveils the unsaid. We have become sorcerers in shrouding what we feel yet a little spark of the deep hidden truth is culpable for the ruination of our years of practise. Eyes tend to speak what the words cannot. This is what I went through today.

Sitting alone in our favourite coffee shop waiting for her to arrive had become a rite that didn’t annoy me anymore. I was now well prepared for the upcoming meeting with our usual orders ordered and her chair positioned next to me just as she liked. A little late than anticipated, she stepped through the door looking as beautiful as it’s possible for a being to look. She came closer and sat next to me but with a slight difference, today she took her chair and put it on the other side of the table. This perplexed me but she said she wanted to look into my eyes, oh how romantic it seemed! But little did I know, what I believed to be romance was fear. The customary talks of how was the day, who did what, how’s everything with our folks took place and as monotonous as they had become, there seemed a slight change today. Her eyes were numb, no, not sad, just numb!

I knew we were going through a rough patch; after all it had been 4 years since we began dating. But what I saw today was unseen yet. Yes, we did have our ups and downs every now and then but the way she behaved today was alarming for me, after all I did love her more than one can begin to imagine. We had our fights here and there, in fact, we had a major one just last week but I don’t think that could be the reason for her in-expressiveness today.

I queried her if all is okay, she answered, ‘yes’. I again in between the talks asked if her forthcoming big presentation was stressing out her to which she promptly nodded sideways. I was still confused and I straightaway asked ‘what the hell is wrong’ in a slightly roaring voice. She almost shivered a bit and her eyes for a tiny moment depicted fright. She immediately said ‘Nothing babe, I Love you’ and wore the same look she wore before. To this I replied,’ okay good!’

I laughed at myself a little thinking she might be afraid. I mean she is a strong, fierce and independent woman. Little voice raisings, slaps and beatings weren’t gonna make her hate or dread me, she’s still madly in love with me just as she had been for the past 4 years.  It’s all okay!

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