About Us

Books33, the publishing division of Aadya Green Gifting Pvt Ltd, serves as a haven for readers and writers of all ages, genders, and nationalities.
At Aadya Green Gifting, we hold a deep conviction that books are humanity’s most precious ‘gifts,’ possessing the transformative power to positively influence our world. Each book we publish is a ‘green gift,’ reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

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As a company dedicated to conscious and green gifting, our focus is on creating sustainable, biodegradable books that resonate with values of social awareness and environmental responsibility. In line with our vision and mission of fostering sustainable living and mindful consumption, we offer an array of eco-friendly products. This range includes books, writing retreats, and publishing services, all designed to provide enriching life experiences. These offerings not only contribute to personal growth and learning but also ensure a minimal environmental footprint.