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BOOKS33 is a unique platform for the writing enthusiasts. It is a HOME of the AUTHORS, By the AUTHORS & For the AUTHORS. We provide end-to-end services in publishing, promotion, and positioning under just ONE roof.

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As an aspiring author, you come to us with just your IDEA of writing a book. Our seasoned ‘Mentor Author Team’ will advise you on its viability, guide you in writing its first draft and our Editorial team will make your FIRST book publishable.

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We not only help you PUBLISH your BOOK but also PROMOTE your book at different offline & online platforms POSITION you as AUTHOR – the authority on the subject and a THOUGHT LEADER.

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Writers’ Corner

Richard Bach once said,  “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Take a peek into our Writers’ World & their ‘never-quitting’ Endeavours.
Shalini SaysWriters’ Corner
October 23, 2021

Hallyu: Ha-ha-Ho-ho-Jai Ho

Hallyu: Ha-ha-Ho-ho-Jai Ho Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma ‘Lifoholic’ After Karan Johar’s affinity for the letter K in the past decade, the appeal of this K…
Eso Maa LokkhiShalini SaysWriters’ Corner
October 21, 2021

Eso Maa Lokkhi

Eso Maa Lokkhi Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma ‘Lifoholic’ 20th of October, 2021: Kojagiri Puja - also popularly known as Kojagiri Purnima or ‘Lokkhi or Lakshmi Puja’ -…
Maa SiddhidatriShalini SaysWriters’ Corner
October 14, 2021

Maa Siddhidatri

Maa Siddhidatri The Mother of All Siddhis Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma ‘Lifoholic’ 14th of October, 2021: On the 9th day of Navratri, we celebrate the…
Maa Mahisasur MardiniShalini SaysWriters’ Corner
October 14, 2021

Maa Mahisasur Mardini

Maa Mahisasur Mardini The Saviour Mother of All Evils Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma ‘Lifoholic’ Each year during Navratri, we celebrate on nine different days the…

Books33 & SamvaadShaalaa Wishes Dhanteras, Diwali & Chhath Greetings

Book in Focus

A picture is worth a thousand words”, says a famous idiom in English language. Think, if an inanimate, lifeless PICTURE “is worth a thousand words”; wouldn’t a living, animated HUMAN FACE be “worth an ENCYCLOPAEDIA.”, claims the author of this book, Prof (Dr) SHALINI VERMA ‘Lifoholic’.

The book FACE EXPRESS endeavours to excite readers with its pictorial ‘mental image’ for the adjectives used day in and day out to describe characters in and around us – real or unreal, descriptive or imaginative, funny or sombre. For instance, your friend extols the divine serenity of her fiancé’s demeanour as ‘ecstatic’ and you wonder how an ‘ecstatic man’ looks like.

Author in Focus

Prof. (Dr) Shalini Verma, is a LIFELONG LEARNER, a ‘LIFOHOLIC’, who DRINKS ‘LIFE’ Sip-by-Sip while inching her way to the attainment of STHITAPRAJNA – the ultimate goal of HUMAN LIFE.

Shalini hails from Motihari, East Champaran, the LAND OF SATYAGRAHA (Satyagrah is a Sanskrit word which means “insistence on truth”). She is WHAT her motherland has made her – a SATYAGRAHI.

From being stripped off from the right to education to becoming an Academician adorned with 3 Master’s Degrees, 2 Diplomas and Doctorate in Humanities and a nationally and internationally Author of 73 published books including multiple bestselling titles, the second innings of her life, is exciting as well as highly engaging in teaching, storytelling, acting, modelling, screen-writing, and independent documentary & filmmaking.

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