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BOOKS33 is a unique platform for the writing enthusiasts. It is a HOME of the AUTHORS, By the AUTHORS & For the AUTHORS. We provide end-to-end services in publishing, promotion, and positioning under just ONE roof.

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As an aspiring author, you come to us with just your IDEA of writing a book. Our seasoned ‘Mentor Author Team’ will advise you on its viability, guide you in writing its first draft and our Editorial team will make your FIRST book publishable.

How We Deliver

We not only help you PUBLISH your BOOK but also PROMOTE your book at different offline & online platforms POSITION you as AUTHOR – the authority on the subject and a THOUGHT LEADER.

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Writers’ Corner

Richard Bach once said,  “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Take a peek into our Writers’ World & their ‘never-quitting’ Endeavours.
अभिलाषा AbhilashaShort Stories, Poems and SongsWriters’ Corner
August 3, 2021


अभिलाषा राघवेन्द्र चतुर्वेदी बड़ी चमक भर गई आँखों में जब दर्शन तेरा पाया था बड़ी उमंगें भर कर दिल में तुझ को चुन घर लाया…
Author Speaks Sunayini ParchureAuthor SpeaksWriters’ Corner
August 3, 2021

Prof (Dr) Sunayini Parchure

Life or Livelihood…Health or Wealth A Peek Into the COVID-19 Pandemic led Catch 22 Situation The entire world has been reeling from the totally unprecedented…
कलमShort Stories, Poems and SongsWriters’ Corner
July 26, 2021


कलम-2 राघवेन्द्र चतुर्वेदी ग़र ज़रा ग़ैरत हो बाक़ी जा मेरी नींदों से जा या मुझे दीवाना कर दे या सेहर तक ठहर जा नहीं कोई…
झाँक गया सावनShort Stories, Poems and SongsWriters’ Corner
July 22, 2021

झाँक गया सावन

झाँक गया सावन राघवेन्द्र चतुर्वेदी मेघों की गर्जन में, चपला की चम्-चम् में बूंदों की छन-छन में झाँक गया सावन भँवरों की गुन-गुन में, घुँघरू…

Book Launches, Events & Campaigns

Books33 launches Children Book Series – AADYA’S ZONE

Books Launch of ‘Sunny Side Up’ By Dr. Monica Khanna held on World Creativity & Innovation Day

Book in Focus

The old saying goes: “As we sow, so shall we reap.” What the writer of this quote probably didn’t know was that it holds true for all lifetimes of a life and not just one. What we sow in one life may need to be reaped in another. In the end, finally, the balance is immaculate. Life has no scope for errors and miscalculations. The karmic ledger is flawless as it is the ultimate test for the end point of the quest for Kaivalya.
Kaivalya…a fire within authored by Ekta Saigal Pandit, revolves around its protagonist – narrator and script writer – Mansi who works with the television channel, ‘Our Planet and Beyond’.

Author in Focus

Katie Bagli is an award-winning author and nature writer.  Her passion for nature is reflected in almost all of her 26 published titles.  She writes for children’s magazines too including the children’s section, Young World, The Hindu.

Her books have been recommended for general reading in schools and also for college students of zoology.

Katie has conducted various wildlife workshops and story-telling sessions in schools, colleges (in Mumbai and elsewhere) and other institutions.  She had also been invited by the Andhra Pradesh Government to Vijayawada to conduct a session on Literacy Day for the Differently Abled Children.

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