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Books33 and SAMVAW Foundation have jointly launched the ‘Grandma Earth Mission’ (GEM). The first series of GEM comprises 17 storybooks, each underscoring the interconnectedness of the planet, people, and prosperity.

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mahashivaratriAuthor's BlogBlogs
March 8, 2024


A Leap Year's Union of Sacred and Social Equality Isn't it a curious coincidence that we get to celebrate both on the same day this…
aidaArticlesAuthor's BlogBlogs
March 5, 2024

Navigating the Consumer Mind

Navigating the Consumer Mind is an insightful exploration into the complexities of consumer behaviour and the psychological factors that drive purchasing decisions. This article sheds…
savouringBlogsBlogs in English
November 22, 2023

Savouring Words: The Art of Reading vs. Relishing a Book

Savouring Words: The Art of Reading vs. Relishing a Book By - Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma ‘Lifoholic’ Renowned British writer, C.S. Lewis says, "We read…
author criticsAuthor's BlogBlogsBlogs in English
November 17, 2023

A Writer’s WRITING & RE-WRITING Journey

A Writer's WRITING & RE-WRITING Journey By - Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma ‘Lifoholic’ "The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate…

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