A Grim Tale

Bhupesh Pal is a robust young man from South Kolkata, good looking and decent who can give a crush to many of the ladies unless they know of the challenge that he is facing since childhood. Yes, he is unable to hear and speak. There have been celebrations in Bhupesh’s home when he was born. The grandparents offered laddoos and sweets to all neighborhoods. But as the harsh reality became pronounced, the cheer in the family had sunk. So much so that there were no pujas, no celebration in the house. Bhupesh is the second child of the family. He has a sister ten years elder to him.

A Ray of Hope – ISL

Due to his mother’s nagging, father had enrolled Bhupesh to a school for the deaf nearby. The boy had been too serious in his studies. Currently, he is doing his Masters from the University of Calcutta on English Literature. Hopes are again piling up, and the greatest happiness for all these goes to the mother, who is proud of the son’s achievement. “My son may be short of hearing and speaking, but one day he will bring glory to the family,” she often chirps nowadays.

The Fight

Today Bhupesh has freshened himself early and has switched on his laptop. As soon as Microsoft Team is on, there popped up the faces of so many happy faces. Bhupesh is taking the lead. They all communicate on sign language. Yes! They have curved a world of their own. They are celebrating 23rd September – The International Day for Sign Languages. Most of these people were his mates with whom every Thursday they had a meeting at Rashbehari Avenue. The place is famous for the meeting of the hearing and speaking impaired.

The Win

Bhupesh is active on social media and has worked hard to recognize his mates and himself. Afterall, there are over seventy million people like him around the world. They use three hundred different sign languages.

On 30th July this year, the Indian Government has declared to standardize ISL (Indian Sign Language) and include it in the National curriculum.

Bhupesh had called a party for his friends. The money he got is from tutoring the students who are just like him. They have a long way to go. Presently their vigil is to gather petition to make ISL the 23rd official language.

Understand their plight and join them in their fight. It is a cause worth winning.

“Audism is the ability to hear despite having the hearing challenge.”



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