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Katie Bagli

Katie Bagli is an award-winning author and nature writer.  Her passion for nature is reflected in almost all of her 26 published titles.  She writes for children’s magazines too including the children’s section, Young World, The Hindu.

Her books have been recommended for general reading in schools and also for college students of zoology.

Katie has conducted various wildlife workshops and story-telling sessions in schools, colleges (in Mumbai and elsewhere) and other institutions.  She had also been invited by the Andhra Pradesh Government to Vijayawada to conduct a session on Literacy Day for the Differently Abled Children.

She is on the advisory board of the science magazine Spectrum, a joint venture by the faculties of St. Xavier’s College and Sophia College, which is targeted for school children of standards 7 – 9.

Katie helps in organizing the children’s section of the global festival 100 Thousand Poets for Change, each year.  The children’s play in this festival is written, directed and produced by her.

When she is not writing Katie devotes her time to taking tree walks, nature trails, and conducting creative nature writing workshops for children.  She also indulges in fun-filled nature-related activities for the young and old.

The author was greatly concerned on learning that our planet is facing its sixth mass extinction of species.  We are losing species forever at an alarming rate.  No doubt there have been mass extinctions before but those were caused by natural disasters.  The present extinction of species is caused by man’s actions.  This is what spurred Katie into writing this book, with the hope of spreading awareness among our younger generation, our planet’s keepers in the near future.  The endangered species selected in her stories are from different habitats – grasslands, rivers, high-altitude mountains and estuarine islands.