Bandhan: The Making Of A Bank By Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Genre: Management Lesson

Did you know that Bandhan Bank is the only bank to have been established in Eastern India after independence? The book, Bandhan: The Making Of A Bank, brings together the story of this establishment as well as the owner’s journey from scratch. With merely Rs. 2 Lakh in his kitty, the owner of Bandhan Bank, Mr. Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, remained undettered by hurdles and struggles and finally went on to set up his dream bank and within a year had 6.7 million small borrowers to its credit. The book traces the unflinching journey of Mr. Ghosh, born to a sweet vendor, hailing from the small-town of North Eastern Indian, but with a go-getter attitude. He stayed put against all odds, endured the frustrations of being rejected many times and competing with the bigger sharks in the business. It was in 2015, that Mr. Ghosh’s dream saw the light of the day as he got the baking license from Reserve Bank Of India and there was simply no looking thereafter.

This book captures one of India’s biggest entrepreneurial stories and the author brilliantly brings out the essence of undying hope and the thought behind the inspirating story of setting up a bank for lifting up millions of people who were treading along poverty line. The story also intertwines with the personal life’s journey of Mr. Ghosh. The book is bound to inspire many and is a must read for those who dare to chase their dreams at any cost. As the reader browses through Mr. Ghosh’s journey for obtaining the banking license, the plot almost turns into a thriller-like theme, what with unknown, unseen surprises at every bend!

Tamal Bandyopadhyay is a consulting editor of Mint, and an adviser for strategy at Bandhan Bank. He is one of the most revered business journalists in the country and owing to his keen interest and knowledge of the market trends in the finacial sector for more than twenty years, he proves to be a preferable author when it comes to a book dealing with Indian finance and banking sector.

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