Body Language: Your Success Mantra, 2nd Edition By Dr. Shalini Verma ‘LIFOHOLIC’
Genre: Self Help

The 2nd edition of the book, Body Language: Your Success Mantra, written after a long gap of 15 years after the publication of its 1st edition in 2005, gives an elaborate insight into understanding the nuances of a person’s body language enabling the reader to be better prepared for facing the world in terms of knowing the various persons better.

Body language can be a critical aspect in having the power to influence people and/or enabling one to get along well with others. There is no denying of the fact that the key to a person’s success in both professional as well as in personal fields is to get to know and like people vis-a-vis allowing people to know and like you.

Attaining this ideal situation allows one to lead a kind of coveted life that everyone dreams to have, but only a few lucky ones can actually achieve.

Needless to mention that the men and women who have reached the zenith of success in their lives have this one quality in common, that is to leave an instant impact on the people and influence them in such a way so as to get done what they want, through the willing efforts of those people.

This book enlightens the reader on the following aspects of the science of body language apart from giving an overall understanding of the various do’s and don’ts in ensuring the correct body language in various situations.

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  1. Creating ever lasting impression on an audience
  2. Emerging to be a likeable and amicable person
  3. Having an edge over others in building instant rapport
  4. Rightly projecting oneself during interviews, group discussions, speeches, presentations, business negotiations etc.
  5. Usage of non-verbal subtleties to foster the verbal communications.
  6. Interpretation of the silent messages of unspoken words.
  7. Seeking and finding the right life partner.
  8. Usage of touch behavior for desirable results.
  9. Avoiding the incorrect selection of words and gestures while operating in countries other than one’s own motherland.
  10. Avoiding tactless or embarrassing situations in the corporate world.

About the Author: Dr. Shalini Verma ‘LIFOHOLIC’  has over 26 years of expertise in the fields of teaching, training, research, consulting and publication, making her a pro at imparting valuable lessons on the sensitive and important subject of understanding the aspects of Body Language.

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