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FACE EXPRESS  (Communication That Connects)

A picture is worth a thousand words”, says a famous idiom in English language. Think, if an inanimate, lifeless PICTURE “is worth a thousand words”; wouldn’t a living, animated HUMAN FACE be “worth an ENCYCLOPAEDIA.”, claims the author of this book, Prof (Dr) SHALINI VERMA ‘Lifoholic’.

The book FACE EXPRESS endeavours to excite readers with its pictorial ‘mental image’ for the adjectives used day in and day out to describe characters in and around us – real or unreal, descriptive or imaginative, funny or sombre. For instance, your friend extols the divine serenity of her fiancé’s demeanour as ‘ecstatic’ and you wonder how an ‘ecstatic man’ looks like.

Your colleague derides the boss as a ‘deadpan’ and you keep imagining how a ‘deadpan’ looks like? Or, you hear the radio cricket commentator saying “…the ‘pallid’ body language of the captain says it all…” and you are perplexed about your favourite team’s winning possibilities.

The upsurge in virtual meetings since the covid-19 pandemic began has put a pressure on people to ensure that they have the right facial expressions, gestures and postures to maintain consistent, high-quality connections with colleagues, customers and clients while working remotely.

Studies say that human face is the mirror of one’s emotional soul whether communicating F2F or S2S. This book is meant to help you read others’ emotional state by understanding the expressions on their face.

Many argue that it is not a rocket science – even a kid, when it sees its teacher giving a stern look, understands it is time to beware and behave well. To all these arguments, the author explains further, “My humble submission to those people would be: True, it is easier with people who have expressive faces that convey everything about their emotional and mental state. But there also are those with glazed, inscrutable faces that need to be read”.