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Authored by Dr. Monica Khanna, MUNCHES, PUNCHES AND MANYA’s HUNCHES, is a  book of sixteen short stories for children in the age group of 8-11 years, Munches, Punches and Manya’s Hunches takes the reader on a walk through the winding, curvy roads of Manya’s life as she embarks upon a delightful journey of self-discovery and fun.

The book includes interesting trivia for each story, and an activity where readers are invited to guess the story based on sketches from the book.

  • Sparkling Diwali: Disturbed by the ragged clothes of her domestic help’s daughter, Manya decides to make this Diwali special by earning some money to buy her a new dress.
  • Sweet Dreams: Manya refuses to let go of her favourite blanket – until she is left with no choice.
  • The Lost Track: A shopping expedition turns into a walkathon as the shoppers forget where their car is parked.
  • Heel Toe: Manya’s love and desire for high heeled shoes vanishes when she sprains her ankle.
  • The Mystery of the Missing Tooth: Manya’s tooth disappears as she shares a burger with her sister, and they don’t know who ate it!
  • Stop the Cop: A cat fight of the two sisters ends up with a threat to murder, and the cops at home.
  • Mood Swings: Manya’s genius sister refuses to answer questions at the school interview. Only Manya knows how to make her talk.
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Manya’s first attempt at cutting her sister’s long locks is quite a disaster, and not quite what she had wanted!
  • Chuk Chuk Coo: A train journey ends up being more adventurous than what Manya had anticipated, as she climbs the wrong berth by mistake.
  • Stage Fright: Manya’s dance performance is about to get ruined as the hook of her salwar snaps open. How will Manya save the show?
  • Help Yelp: Manya’s mom panics when the domestic help has to leave just before an important dinner party at home. But Manya comes to the rescue!
  • Forever Friends – Manya befriends and shows empathy towards an RTE child who is isolated and humiliated by her classmates.
  • Manya and the Magic Toothpaste – Breakfast becomes a fun meal when Manya discovers a magic toothpaste that gives her the meal she wishes for.
  • Monster Ma’am: Manya’s brother scribbles on her school book, and her attempt to cover it up gets her into trouble with her strict class teacher.
  • The Missing Suitcase: The excitement of expected gifts from her relatives changes into disappointment when the gift bag goes missing.
  • Puppy love: Manya’s dream of having a puppy is temporarily fulfilled when her friend leaves her dog under her care for an unplanned trip.

What makes Manya an endearing and memorable character is that Manya isn’t perfect. She has shades of black, white and grey, just like any other child. She throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. She makes a mess driving her poor mother bananas. She battles with her little sister Mehek – and it is not just a battle of words! She plays pranks on unsuspecting victims. But she also has a streak of kindness in her, and a lot of love to shower on those who do not have what she does.

Author’s Words

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