Born Again On The Mountain By Arunima Sinha
Genre: Autobiography

The book, Born Again On The Mountain – A Story Of Losing Everything And Finding It Back, is an autobiography by Arunima Sinha, who is the first female amputee in the world and the first Indian amputee to have climbed the mighty Mount Everest. It is a detailed account of her rediscovering her true self following a life-threatening mishap. It serves as a truly inspirational and motivational piece of reading to those who are passionate about pursuing their dreams and are not prepared to stop at any odds, just like the author.

Arunima Sinha, in her book Born Again On The Mountain, has given a detailed account of her life from the time she was a volleyball champion, followed by the fatal accident which made her lose her limb, to the daunting journey of making it to the summit of the Everest, in a crisp language. The story takes us through the various ordeals that Arunima had to face, be it for her job hunt or the process of recovery of her injured self or her grueling training to become a mountaineer worth reckoning. The author uses a simple story-telling style, which allows the readers to visualize the different happenings that take place in the plot from time to time.

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Born Again On The Mountain

In this book (Born Again On The Mountain), the author has explored and shared an insight on how she did not let the crisis affect her or deter her from pursuing her goals. She also throws light on the life’s discoveries in the form of the immense amount of help and encouragement she received from a lot of people apart from her close-knit family, to ensure that she fulfilled her dreams. The narrative of the story Born Again On The Mountain has been done in a lucid and easy flowing literature, making it a good reading material regarding self-belief, hard-work and unflinching attention from attaining one’s final goal.


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