It was an induction session in my campus. Every year, when the new batch of students come, academic institutions hold an induction program – ranging anywhere between 3 days to 1 week – to make the new batch aware of their institution’s faculty, facilities, and operational framework.

In a typical induction programs, faculty and students give brief introduction to one another with their respective names and affiliations.

Asim, a tall young boy with a well-build physique introduced himself saying, “Hello All, I am Asim and I am a business blogger”.

Business Blogger? Is it a hobby or a profession or just an online engagement? Many of the serious professors wondered.

It’s true that blogging has undergone a paradigm shift since its inception in the 1990s. If we look at the history of blogging, blogs have evolved from personal diaries and online pages to platforms that support freedom of speech, opinions and campaigns on a variety of topics as varied as gender, nature, population, science, health, politics, culture and entertainment.

Blogging, as concept was born in 1993 as an online journaling activity where writers shared their opinions on a subject for personal or business reasons. It has come a long way ever since.

In the early years, blogging emerged as personal diaries or online pages where people vented out their feelings and pent-up stories of the ups and downs of their lives.

Some historical facts about blogs, blogging and bloggers

Early Days of Blogging

  • Justin Hall, an undergrad from Swarthmore College, was one of the original bloggers. He created a website called in 1994 to publish his writing. These writings focused on the details of his life which he shared with his fellow students and readers.
  • The website consisted of brief posts with shared links that gave access to Justin’s work and other websites. His works were not termed as ‘blog’ but referred to as “Online Diaries” or “Personal Pages.”
  • Ten years later, The New York Times, in one of its articles, mentioned Justin as the “Founding Father of Personal Bloggers”.
  • In 1997, Jorn Barger coined the term “weblog”
  • The weblog was a combination of two words – ‘log’ which means ‘written documentation’, and ‘web’ taken from the ‘world wide web’.
  • In those days, bloggers had to write code for their websites, add a new HTML page to the server with every update the homepage with new links.
  • In 1999, tools like ‘Pitas’ and Metafilter were launched that allowed bloggers to post entries direct on the main Metafilter website. Such hassle-free tools paved the way for blogging to become popular.
  • In 1998, the blogging platform Open Diarywas launched. It made the two-way communication possible and allowed its members to interact with the blogger by commenting on his/her writing. This feature gave birth to the then-new trend of posting readers’ comments.
  • Peter Merholz holds the credit of simplifying and shortening the term ‘weblog’ to ‘blog’.
  • In 1998 itself, Pyra Labs founded ‘Blogger’, which was later acquired by Google and made free and accessible for all users.
  • The introduction of the permalink, it turned out to be one of the turning points in the early days of blogging. With every entry on Blogger, the user was given a permanent and shareable URL, which helped users to access the content they were searching for. The permalink attracted many new users, which in turn made Blogger the platform of choice for a lot of writers.


Growing Days of Blogging


  • The year 2002 was a big one for the blogosphere. In 2002, we witnessed an expansion of parenting blogs, one of the first being com, founded by Melinda Roberts.
  • Technorati, the first blog search engine became the world’s largest blog directory featuring an incredibly useful and monumental index of blogs and all accompanying information.
  • Later, Technorati was overtaken by Google Blog Search. Now, it only exists as a blog search feature within Google News.
  • In 2003 , two more blogging services entered the ecosystem – TypePad and WordPressthat allowed users to design and create their fully customizable blogs.
  • WordPress is now the most popular content management system in the world.
  • In the later half of 2003, Google also launched its two flagship products, AdSense and AdWords. They allowed people to integrate their blogs with advertisements for relevant products and services.
  • In 2004, Merriam Webster nominated the word ‘blog’ as its word for the year.
  • The year 2004 also saw the advent of video blogs or vlogs when Steve Garfield uploaded short videos of protests, rallies, and news events on his personal website.
  • Interestingly, YouTube– was launched the following year on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. It had started as a dating site and turned into a video-sharing platform after it was acquired by Google in 2006.
  • Later, the launch of The Huffington Postin May of 2005, the boundaries between blogging and news reporting started getting blurred. By then, the cyber journalists began to blog on current news and affairs, which gave it the aura of a news outlet.
  • In 2006, Twitterbrought in the rise of microblogging with the origin of and its 140-character limit. It gained popularity due to the availability of additional social media networking features.
  • With the launch of Tumblr– the first official microblogging platform in 2007- the users were enabled to post concise content with multimedia objects. It also eased the re-blogging and liking of the content by other people.
  • This made communication easier and people started posting their viewpoints on such platforms.

Maturity Days of Blogging

  • In 2012, the blogging landscape changed phenomenally with the launch of Medium – an online blog-publishing platform that supports both professional and amateur writers.
  • In 2013, LinkedIn introduced a similar blogging platform called Pulsefor selective users like B2B brands and business professionals who use Linkedin.
  • In 2015, Pulse was made available to all.
  • Where both Medium and Pulse lack the feature of allocating domain names to a user in the same way as WordPress or Tumblr do, they allow bloggers to share their posts with a broader audience to generate more traffic.
  • By 2016, WordPress added the extension of .blog to its list of URLs. This meant that people could now choose a domain namewith the .blog extension, in addition to other domain extensions such as .com, .net, and .org.
  • In recent years, WordPress users produce over 5 millionnew blog posts and 52 million new comments monthly.

Over a period of time, personal blogging has transitioned into professional blogging – a very cost-effective proposition that brands and businesses use to achieve their marketing goals and to make moolah through advertisements of relevant products and services on their blogs.

With each passing year, the popularity of blogging kept increasing. This trend gave rise to many new tools that helped people to integrate their blogs with ads to monetize their work thereby paving the way for brand sponsorships for blogs that fit their respective niche, and freebies in exchange for endorsements. This changed the blogging landscape and it started to turn more into a business.

At present, blogs are an integral part of the digital world. Everyone reads them, whether they are based on news stories, facts or on topics of media, entertainment, or current events. The blog posts of today comprise images, infographics, and a vast array of information, not just text.

Blogging in the post Covid Times

  • Post 2020, blogging has become the most critical part of the marketing and content strategy of any company that aims to target its audience with a compelling and relatable brand message.
  • Studies suggest that brands that prioritize blogging in their marketing strategy are 13 timesmore likely to generate positive ROI.
  • The rise in social media has given way to Vlogs and podcasts, which constitute a significant chunk of the blogging world now.
  • During the covid times, bloggers across the world posted multimedia content through platforms like Tumblr, Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories, and Instagram
  • With social media websites causing a reduction in organic searches, search engine optimizationhas become the primary marketing tool to attract audiences.

Blogging is here to stay. Hence, marketing professionals and content creators should expect even better blogs and blogging platforms in the future.



  • yamini says:

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  • Yuvraj Singh Nehra says:

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  • Shivansh Srivastava says:

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  • Attharv Bhatt says:

    The Blogging Sphere saw a major shift in the early 90s, evolving from a personal space to a professional platform. The shift included changes in the original format of a blog and introduction to specialized platforms like Medium and by the 21st Century, blogging became a critical strategy in the marketing and content section.

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  • Shivansh Srivastava says:

    This Article is for those people who wants to know about blogs or blogging .The main reason for creating this blog is to aware you about blogging and in the end it tells us about how blogging started at various platforms , growing days of blogging ,etc.

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    Blogging, as a concept was born in 1993 as an online journaling activity where writers shared their opinions on a subject for personal or business reasons. Blogs have evolved from personal diaries to platforms that support freedom of speech, opinions, and campaigns on a variety of topics. In 1998, the blogging platform Open Diary was launched. Peter Merholz holds the credit for simplifying and shortening the term ‘weblog’ to ‘blog’. In 2002, we witnessed an expansion of parenting blogs, one of the first being founded by Melinda.

  • Arnav Ajit says:

    The blog has gone since 1990, its concept was born in 1993 as an online journaling activity where writers shared their opinions. Justin Hall is the father of personal bloggers. He creates the website in 1994. After some years WordPress allows people to create and design blogs. In 2012, blogging changed with the launch of Medium. In recent years Blog is the most important things for the critical strategy for marketing & content.

  • Preksha Menaria says:

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      “Children are always the forerunners in bringing significant change in the society. Stories are one of the most efficient methods of communication to convey messages, especially among children. Mrs Pooja brilliantly narrates this folktale, emphasising the importance of eradicating hunger. Every kid who reads this story can, one way or another, connect with all the characters very well. Each of her characters comes to life for all our young readers.”

      “I read what the publisher and author stood for and without flipping through the pages, I blindly invested in this book set for my daughter. It offered a simple message in such a subtle way that it almost seemed an eye opener and it touched both daughter and Maas’ heart. Katie and Pooja say the simplest things we don’t think about in this ever-evolving world. It offers a message to slow down and acknowledge the goodness of what has been, what is and always will remain when we understand the true experience of being human”.

      “In an ever-changing world that is facing unprecedented challenges, we as parents are holding the responsibility to empower our children with important tools. Those that can help them create for themselves a wholesome, healthy and thriving world which they can live happily in. Towards this end, the exposure of kids to the Mission LiFE & UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals is of paramount importance. Katie and Pooja's simple yet profoundly meaningful children's stories help introduce sensitivity to these goals. I laud their initiative and recommend this as a MUST read for all children and parents”!

      “It is a unique series for it weaves the stories around important social issues such as inequality and quality education. Further, it orients children about Indian culture and ethos. What makes this series a must read is its simple and engaging manner through which heavy topics have been conveyed to little ones via discussion between children and Chumchumwalla. The authors are to be appreciated for maintaining the continuum in a very engaging manner”.

      Stories are the best way to come closer to children and Dr Monica Khanna is doing fabulous work in that sense. It’s always mesmerizing to read the stories she creates. Not only the kids, but even parents enjoy every bit of them.

      “In the vibrant world of the Sustainability Development Goals series, children embark on thrilling adventures across 17 captivating books, each dedicated to a different sustainable development goal. By coming up with these storybooks, Books22 has enabled young readers to learn valuable lessons about the power of compassion and teamwork. Each book unravels a new goal, inspiring young minds to make a difference and safeguard our precious Earth for future generations”.

      “The story of Bhoomi, Bansi and Anil holds hope and speaks of individual and collective acts of kindness, speaking up for each other and allowing power structures to topple for the greater human good. The book ‘Bhoomi Vishnu’s Amma’ of ther GEM series jointly published by Books33 & Samvaw Foundation celebrates empathy and cooperation and allows entries into worlds of lack and illness”.

      “My compliments to the publishers of ‘The Grandma Earth Mission Series’ and author, Ms. Pooja Gupta Mahaurkar, for the beautiful story – ‘Aaji’s Big Surprise’. Although it is supposed to be for children, there is a universal message for adults as well”.

      “Explore 'Who Wants Roses': A captivating tale from the 'Grandma Earth Series', co-published by Books33 & SAMVAW Foundation. The message is conveyed in a very positive manner in Mahurkar's short story, 'Who Wants Roses?' where she uses the imagery of roses and lantana weed flowers in a garden. Through its unique storytelling pedagogy, the book sensitizes young minds aged 3-8 years to adopt sustainable living by embracing the principles of Mission LiFE & UN’s 17 SDGs”.

      “In the enchanting world of children's literature, let's embark on a remarkable journey alongside Katie’s book ‘Weber the Spider’. Through the pages of this captivating tale, you will witness the extraordinary odyssey of Weber as he travels from the majestic heights of the Himalayas to the sprawling plains and arid deserts of India.”

      “In her book ‘Is the Sun in My Bed?’, Katie has highlighted the importance of using renewable sources of energy and has discussed several forms including solar, wind and water. Her inclusion of how the story’s protagonist Ricky pedals a stationary bicycle to generate electricity illustrates how each of us can contribute to this effort.”

      “Nature is as complex – perhaps more – than we humans are. In this complexity, however, simple solutions can be found. And Books33 has done just that with its GEM Series – a collection of 17 titles. Katie Bagli’s charming story ‘Urvi and the Termite’, takes us inside the underground world into the depths of unseen spaces in the ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ style.  In building their homes, the termites work in harmony with the environment instead of damaging it. This is something that human beings certainly need to do as well.”

      “Pooja’s book ‘I See Tigers’ of the GEM series takes the readers into the delightful world of Gompa village. As we delve into the world of Gompa village, we are reminded of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4) of Quality Education. The story exemplifies how quality education is not confined to textbooks and formal settings alone but extends to the exploration of the world around us, nurturing curiosity and celebrating our own rich heritage.”

      “The moral of each story in GEM series is very pertinent and deeply rooted in our all-inclusive culture and the theme of India's G20 presidency “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, that translates to “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” Indeed, a fun read for one and all!”

      “As climate change sets in, it is necessary to spread awareness among children about how nature works. GEM Series adopts storytelling, which is the best way to do so. Boondini’s life is a story of all rivers and their trajectories. Katie Bagli, an award winning children`s book writer, is an amazing storyteller who brings alive complex environmental issues and their solutions very simply.”

      “Welcome to the enchanting world of storytelling, where words have the power to transport us to far-off lands, introduce us to fascinating characters, and ignite our imaginations. While reading Katie’s book ‘The Roof That Flew’, you will embark on a special journey—one that not only entertains but also enlightens and empowers us to make a difference in our world.”

      “In GEM Series, there are 17 storybooks on various themes for children, such as courage, patience, confidence and so on. What sets Pooja’s book – ‘Mango and the Teak’ apart is that it teaches young minds the essential element of equality. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 10) of equality has remained a topic of concern. However, this is a beautiful attempt when the importance of equality is being conveyed to children through a story with a historical background. The author deserves accolades for her attempt”.

      “Welcome to a journey of ‘Lizzy in a Tizzy’, one of the 17 titles of the GEM Series.  Here the author Katie Bagli takes you on an exciting adventure through the world of Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. In the pages of this lovely story, you will discover the power you as children, hold to make our planet safe and sustainable.”

      “I found the story ‘Isn’t this our Forest Ma?’ of the GEM Series, written by Katie Bagli both very moving and realistic. To write stories woven around the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the very young is an excellent idea as it very subtly directs the child towards a sustainable way of living and caring for our bountiful planet earth. ‘Isn’t this our Forest Ma?’ is very skilfully woven around the fabric of UN SDG 16 which is about Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”

      “India will be radiant when our children are free to dance in the rain,” these words from one of Azim Premji’s essays came to my mind when I started reading ‘Holiday at Mehek Farm’ one of the 17 books of the GEM Series authored by Katie Bagli. The story of this book has enchanting panoramic setting and lively characters like Vihaan and Rahul along with Pilloo - their four-legged friend.”

      “India will be radiant when our children are free to dance in the rain,” these words from one of Azim Premji’s essays came to my mind when I started reading ‘Holiday at Mehek Farm’ one of the 17 books of the GEM Series authored by Katie Bagli. The story of this book has enchanting panoramic setting and lively characters like Vihaan and Rahul along with Pilloo - their four-legged friend.”

      “The initiative by Books33 to write children’s stories around the SDG goals of the United Nations is indeed commendable, and ‘Crocky’s Monstrous Mouth’ does a remarkable job of covering the goal of partnerships through its simple yet enthralling narrative told in a lucid and amusing style. Katie Bagli adds yet another exquisite gem to her enchanting collection of nature stories for children through this delightful tale of a crocodile and ‘dentist’ birds.”

      “Pooja Gupta Mahurkar has written a moving story that beautifully weaves a child's curiosity and a parent's love with themes around indigenous innovation, sustainability and closeness to nature. With lively characters and vivid descriptions of village life, the story in ‘Chinna’s Gharat’ of GEM Series comes alive in the reader's mind.”

      “The whole series of GRANDMA EARTH MISSION is fluid, simple and engages young readers’ mind in Aadya’s and her friends’ inquisitive interactions with Chumchumwalla while subtly conveying the importance of preserving our eco-system, values and community living.”.

      “The books of the GEM Series offer a wide-open, clear, child-friendly style and are suitable for kindergarten/school areas as an introduction to a contemporary topic as well as for educational reading aloud in the family”.

      “What a wonderful idea it is to embark on a venture of creating 17 different stories, each story book crafted to be based on one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations! This brilliant endeavour by the publishers - Books33 and SAMVAW Foundation - to implant the seeds of sustainable living in young, tender minds”.

      Little Chimpu’s adventure through the jungle wherein she discovers the truth about ferocious Sher Dadu, is a beautiful story about finding friends in the most unlikely of people.

      This picture book is such a delight to read. The book is beautifully illustrated with a good story line and strong vocabulary. I liked in this book is using the relations like ‘chachu’, ‘mamu’ and others which the kids are missing due to nuclear family... I must say the author has touched the chord of the heart with the sweet language used in the book..It’s a must read book for all the young kids.

      A Wormy Tale is a delightful picture story book that offers the curious mind of a child the perfect blend of fun and relatable characters, vibrant illustrations and significant learnings that seep in with simplicity and are finally sealed with the array of activities it offers. This is a book with a wholesome experience, so read on!

      This lovely book teaches you to think smart and not get carried away by appearances. Best wishes to Dr Monica Khanna for her amazing creation.

      Dr. Monica Khanna has come out with one more offering for you all. Such a wonderful and endearing story! It takes us to that time of our lives when we believed that everything around us is black or white. Childhood is so much fun and so full of innocence. The characters in this story are so believable, with human-like qualities. Kind, gentle, witty, intelligent, sharp, sly and so on... Each young reader will enjoy reading this story because it is so relatable. You can find people with such qualities all around you.

      The well-crafted, colourful illustrations of the enthusiastic musicians among insects – grasshoppers, katydids and hawkmoths, the frogs with their crafty expressions and the thoughtful busy bee, make it a lively read. Woven into the story are the fun facts of each insect, making it educative and inspiring too, thus inculcating the love of nature to early readers.

      Katie Bagli’s new book promises to bring back the concert we have missed ever since the pandemic hit us. She beautifully weaves science and fiction, urging her young readers to learn about the techniques used by the wetland musicians - the grasshoppers, the katydids and the hawkmoths. Then there are the subtle values and undertones that make for great learning for children the vacation in nature, the loving aunt, the dutiful bee, or even the love for the garden insects.

      Katie Bagli’s stories are filled with wild imagination yet grounded in facts.She brings to life the mundane and often overlooked facts with wit and humour, in her stories, as also in ‘The Insect Concert’. Her characters are driven by a moral so subtle that children may hardly realize the important life values they are imbibing just by reading her books. Her stories are lessons in science and art as each panel bursts into vivacious colours and tickles the imagination of the young reader. Truly delightful and a must read for all.

      This book ‘Insect Concert’ by Katie Bagli is another gem from her treasure trove of stories about nature. Through a simple yet novel story, she manages to develop an interest in the animal kingdom and also provide a new learning. There are some activities too which children will enjoy. The illustrations add to the storyline and make the book more interesting for the young reader. I wish Katie more power to her pen.

      Sunny Side Up’ is a book of joy for every child. With colourful illustrations and child friendly language this book opens up a world of different kinds of food to the young minds.

      An instant hit - With colorful illustrations and an engaging narrative, this playful nature book is perfect for curious toddlers. A Wormy engaging, simple yet extraordinary new story from Katie Bagli, number one bestseller and fastest growing children’s author in the country

      Through this story, A Wormy Tale, the author Katie Bagli highlights earthworms as a part of the ecosystem. Educators can use this story for crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary thinking within the national curriculum. Katie’s love for nature is evident in all her books.

      To be hired in today’s global marketplace, employers demand more than basic ‘hard’ skills. The difference between a frustrated candidate and a sought-after recruit, the long-term worker and a compelling leader, or the stagnant professional and the rising manager can be the ‘soft’ skills each exercises in the workplace. This highly researched book analyses the job environment of today and for the future where ‘soft’ skills become a more critical attribute. The reader gleans valuable guidance on how to acquire and improve these ‘soft’ skills for a more enriching career.

      Alpha Zone book – ‘Sunny Side Up’ - shows the variety of food that is present round the world. All of us know the common pizza or burger but there are many delicious dishes out there that many have not experienced. This book encourages us to be curious and to learn, enjoy and experience the art of the culinary skill.

      I’ve absolutely no hesitation in saying that even after working for 30+ years in Manufacturing and Education sectors, I was not able to correlate nonverbal communication skills of a person with his personality and credibility. But after getting in touch with Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma and going through her first book, ‘BODY LANGUAGE: YOUR SUCCESS MANTRA, (2005)’ I immediately fell in love with this beautiful subject and understood that body language is an important personality trait of any person. I am delighted to know that Dr Verma is bringing out a multi-title series of that inspiring book after 15 years, which is surely going to be another ‘hit’ and beneficial for the readers, especially the Gen Z youth, who gravely need the maturity to understand and cope with complex personal & professional relationships to move forward in life.

      Children’s literature largely trivialises and glosses over such issues such as gender or colour biases. But this book deals with the sensitive issue of our proclivity or preference for fair skin colour. In the context of the Indian subcontinent, such debates and discussions should be encouraged so that children grow up with a healthy self-image and grow up with the right attitudes that skin colour is secondary to inner beauty. Dr Monica’s sensitive handling of this subject deserves to be applauded. Kudos!

      This book talks about the fact that beauty has no standards - it’s the way one looks at one own self. I am sure this book will surely attract young readers. I wish all the best for the book.

      Kudos to Books33 for coming up with a separate segment of Children Books under its imprint Alpha Zone. Your initiative will definitely make parents and teachers understand the importance of inculcating reading habits in your kids right from their young age. I appreciate Dr Monica Khanna for her bookSunny Side Up’ and love its ‘kahani mein twist’ which made it all the more exciting.

      A lovely rhyming style and delightful words make this book effortlessly readable. Dr Khanna addresses a vital issue of our times in this allegorical tale of female crow.

      One may speak good English, bad English, good Hindi, bad Hindi, a mix of Hindi-English or 'Hinglish', Spanglish, Pig-Latin, Gibberish, Mumbling or Double-speak, the sub-text that one's body speaks is just ONE -- CREDIBLE or NOT CREDIBLE! Be aware of your body language. You can lie in your words, but the body never lies. We communicate through our Body all the time, even when we don't realize it. However, there are very few expertswho can deeply understand, analyse and decode Body Language. Dr Shalini Verma is one of them.

      Kyra’s Return Flight conveys through a delightful story the very important message that there is great joy and power in accepting ourselves as we are,and not falling prey to harmful social prejudices about what is attractive or good. I greatly recommend this wonderful book about loving oneself!

      ‘Sunny Side Up’ authored by Dr Monica Khanna is a slice of delight with just the right bite.

      ‘Sunny Side Up’ is a delightfully wicked book! A complete treat for kids of all shapes, sizes and taste; those who fuss around their meals and those who devour their food. A visual treat for the eyes that moistened my curiosity palate, as I turned each page to follow Sunny’s exciting culinary adventures. An astonishing finale, that enhanced some beautiful childhood memories.

      Katie Bagli has two interests, nature and children. She has two talents, writing and drawing. As a story teller, she engages children with her colourful puppets and other visual aids, bringing to life the characters in her books.

      Dr Monica Khanna’s new book ‘Kyra’s Return Flight’ dwells deeper into the age-old societal challenges of colour differentiation amongst humans. Through a simple life story of a crow, she brings to the front the problem that we have of self-pity and self-doubt that dark coloured people face through the generations. As a school principal, I definitely recommend Monica’s books in all school libraries and encourage parents to share a copy with their kids.

      My compliments to the author for developing rich and novel content in an area that still lies underexplored. With so little information available on body language in the Indian context, I can imagine how much hard work
      would have gone into creating a book like this. This book is beautifully crafted in terms of quality content and relevance in the current context.

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