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As you know, Books33 is a professionally managed publishing house Of the Authors, BY the Authors and FOR the Authors. Our hitherto journey of ‘traditional’ publishing has been more than satisfying.

Armed with the success of our traditional publishing, we have also made our footprints in the ‘commissioned’ publishing domain.

Commissioned publishing, by the very nature, is different from the former in the sense that it is our resident authors who team with the efficient R&D department comprising researchers, survey assistants, literary agents and field professionals and foresee the demand of the book and recommend to foray in with a timely product in the upcoming areas of interest.

Next, we approach our empaneled writing enthusiasts, domain experts and thought leaders, and if everything works out, we enter an agreement contract to bring out a quality book that not only gets the first-mover advantage but also sets the trend for the publishing fraternity.

Our commissioned publishing opportunities offer highly remunerative royalty structure to our authors.

What are you waiting for?  Get EMPANELED with us immediately before you MISS this opportunity.

It is never too EARLY, and it is never too LATE!

We, at Books33, are WAITING to PUBLISH your NEXT BOOK

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