Exit Interview By Amrita Mukherjee
Genre: Domestic Fiction

The book, Exit Interview, unlike its title, does not talk about the process of exit interviews in corporates. You will be disappointed if you expect to learn about the do’s and don’t’s of exit interview, as this book rather throws light on the loopholes of an exit interview.

It is a fast paced and gripping story of a young, confident and unapologetic journalist, Rasha Roy, who leaves the comfort of her home to pursue a career in journalism, without much knowledge about the challenges that lie in life’s path. But she quickly discovers that life isn’t a bed of roses for young rookies – especially one with a mind of her own – despite her exceptional acumen for sniffing out stories.

As she switches jobs, in India and abroad – trying to be vocal, she realizes that the companies’ exit interviews are all a fallacy. Amidst these struggling times, Rasha’s life takes a turn when she chances upon a young lady at the Cairo police station. She goes on to cover the biggest story of her life.

What remains to be found out is – will this exciting story provide her the big and much needed break that she has been so eagerly looking for?

About the Author: Amrita Mukherjee, is a Kolkata born journalist who has worked extensively in the world of entertainment and Page 3 journalism, working with top publications like The Times of India and Hindustan Times in Kolkata and was also the features editor at ITP Publishing Group in Dubai. Presently, she is a media activist and freelance journalist, writing for Indian and international publications and websites. This book is her first attempt at fiction writing.

She has been applauded for her easy-flowing writing style making it a light read. In this book, Amrita has brought out the nuances of the journalists’ life and the associated struggles it entails. The book makes the readers get a good visual of Kolkata, Dubai and Egypt, which will surely make the people dwell in nostalgia. Overall, it has been deemed as a catchy and unputdownable novel with a fluid and lucid narrative.


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