From The Trenches By Abhishek Singhvi
Genre: Law

The book, From The Trenches, has been written by one of India’s top lawyers, Mr. Abhishek Singhvi. Mr. Singhvi has the fame of being associated with some of the most important and dramatic legal battles of India.

The book From The Trenches is a fascinating memoir cum commentary on the author’s journey through his legal as well as political career. It is a handy guide for readers interested in congress and its ideology.

In the book From The Trenches, the author has narrated nine cases of importance. These are the cases in which he has been involved personally during his legal career. Discussing these cases that he has fought, he has pointed out the bigger question of law and justice that these cases pose.  The writing style is simple making it an easy read for the readers. Out of the nine cases, the most renowned one is the Sabarimala temple case where he had argued against the right of women to worship there. Another important case is the famous corporate legal battle between Tata Sons and Cyrus Mistry.

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From The Trenches

The book From The Trenches gives its readers including the common man, an insight into the judicial system of India through some of the interesting legal cases. The cases have emphasized issues such as free speech, the right to fly the Indian flag, custodial torture, state election rights, and animal rights. It has been elegantly presented in an entertaining manner which is bound to keep the readers glued to it.

For those interested to learn about the law and the judiciary not only as a subject but also out of curiosity, these important cases handled by the legendary lawyer will be an interesting and insightful read.


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