Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books mostly deal with the arts and aesthetics. They are relatively large sized hard bound books that contains a lot of illustrations/photographs.

They are oversized books are usually displayed in our living room tables where we seat our guests. As coffee table books are usually non-fiction and mainly filled with photos and illustrations, captions, and small blocks of text, it also serves as a conversation starter or as a time pass. It is rather expensive and is designed to be pleasing on the eye; it usually does not contain too much text.

It is because of the lack of textual content that the term is sometimes used pejoratively to refer to books which deal with subjects in a superficial manner; books that give importance to style rather than substance. Hence, they are meant to entertain and amuse guests while hosts are occupied in small household chores.

However, it was not until the late 19th century that the coffee table emerged in the parlours of Victorian homes. However, the concept of a book intended essentially for display was mentioned by Michel de Montaigne in his 1580 essay Upon Some Verses of Virgil. Much later, in 20th century, a gentleman called David Brower is credited with ‘inventing’ the modern form of coffee table book.

Even since, this genre of literature has been growing. Here are some timeless coffee table books that are available in multiple formats – physical paperback/hardbound book, Kindle edition, and an audiobook.

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