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As you know, Books33 is a professionally managed publishing house Of the Authors, BY the Authors and FOR the Authors. We have been into ‘traditional’ and ‘commissioned’ publishing for almost a decade now

Boosted with our success in the traditional and commissioned publishing, our team of resident authors have now forayed into ‘guided publishing’ as well.

Guided publishing, a relatively new concept in India, is picking up very fast. There are many aspects of publication. While in traditional publishing, whether to publish a certain title rests with the publisher’s discretion, in guided publishing, it is the author who decides the ‘when’s’ and the ‘what’s’ of his/her creative work. Whereas the ‘how’ aspect of book writing is delegated to our team of Mentor Authors, who serve as a ‘guide by your side’ throughout the book writing journey.

‘Guided publishing’ is lucrative not only for the first-time author as his/her book gets edited and re-edited, pruned and re-pruned until it takes the desirable shape and savor (in terms of content and presentation) to meet the global standards. Thereby making the book a paisa wasool (value for money!) for its readers who get ‘professionally written’ book to read and relish!

The ‘aspiring’ authors approach us with the first draft of their manuscript and sometime just an IDIA – an ‘imaginary manuscript’- clueless of which genre their proposed book falls in, what is its viability in the market, what should be the length breadth and depth of the book, how should they go about penning down their idea in a way that it takes a shape of a book etc.

Our dedicated team of mentor authors, development editors, illustrators have series of meeting (virtual or in-person, as may be the convenience) with him/her and visualizes the whole idea what he/she wants to make a reality of. We, then guides the author in the various facets of publishing right from the planning stage to the marketing stage. These facets include editing, cover design, illustrations, promotion strategies, distribution, etc.

The number of people who work with the author varies depending upon his/her needs and the options he/she chooses from the bouquet of services we have on offer. However, a core team will have a ‘Project Lead’ who coordinates with the ‘aspiring author’, the mentor author, the development editor, the marketing planner, and a brand manager.

The cost of ‘guided publishing’ is directly proportional to the number of services you choose.

Our guided publishing services ALSO offer highly remunerative branding and positioning opportunities to the ‘aspiring’ or ‘first-time’ authors.

What are you waiting for?  Approach us immediately to KNOCK OFF the ‘procrastinating’ word ‘aspiring’ prefixed before your ‘Dream Identity’ – PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

It is never too EARLY, and it is never too LATE!

We, at Books33, are WAITING to PUBLISH your FIRST BOOK 

Reach out to us if you are SERIOUS about ‘erasing’ the word ‘Aspiring’ before your Dream Identity – PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

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