India After Gandhi

By Ramachandra Guha
Genre: Non-Fiction

The book India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha is the winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award. It is a magisterial account of India’s pains, struggles, humiliations, and glories. Guha wrote this book as per the request of Peter Straus, who wanted a scholarly analysis of modern Indian history after independence.

The book (India After Gandhi) has been organized into five chronological parts which include Nehru’s India, the fall of Congress, and the rise of BJP and Narendra Modi. It also includes a major anti-corruption movement, violation against women, Dalits, discontentment in Kashmir, and many more.

This book (India After Gandhi) was published coinciding with the seventieth year of Indian independence and is one of the finest works on the history of modern India. The description of the events of the seventy years of journey of Independent India and how it has reached its current state has been given vividly. The book not only portrays the political history of the seventy years but also talks about the real meaning of democracy to its readers. It talks about ethnicity, freedom of speech, communalism, federalism, culture along with many other aspects. The book is the result of extensive research work that was done by Guha.


India After Gandhi

The author’s art of storytelling in India After Gandhi is fantastic. This novel (India After Gandhi) of around 800 words has the power of gripping the attention of the audience and make them not keep it down till they reach the last page. For readers who wish to know the facts, this can be taken as the most authentic source available.


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