India Unbound

By Gurcharan Das
Genre: Non-Fiction

India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age, is an international bestseller and has been acclaimed as “is a quiet earthquake” according to The Gardian. As mentioned by New York Times Book Review,  the book is an insightful guide to a rapid changing nation. As per Business Week, it is one of the most readable and insightful book to appear on India’s tortuous economic path in its 54 years since shaking off British rule.

In this book (India Unbound), the author has narrated the riveting story of the rise of India from the state of poverty to the state of prosperity. In this tale of rising to prosperity, there has been clash of ideas, there has been high and low points which Das has examined in the prism of history and has added his own rich experience as well as the experience of numerous others whom he has met during his career journey. The book “India Unbound” has opened window to what was, and what can be.

India Unbound img

India Unbound has defined and explored the changing mindset of the nation and has introduced the readers to the contemporary India through the keen eyes and elegant prose of the author. The author, through this book, has clearly demarcated the contrast between the India that was during the pre-independence state to the post independent socialist state to the capitalist state.

For the readers who are interested in the national economical details and its future, the book is an essential tool for gathering of major informations. The interesting explanation of various insights shared in the India Unbound has made it an excellent learning for readers.

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