The twenty-first century marketing world offers a sea of opportunities if you are looking to grow your roots deep. The germination of an idea begins with a business plan: to market a product for the returns which it will potentially bring in the future.

This decade has seen a surge in instances of highly qualified and skilled 6-digit-earning young professionals penning down their gathered knowledge and skills in the form of books and adding to their already fat bank balance.

In the process, not only are these young authors promoting their knowledge, skill and thoughts but also whittling a niche of their personal brands.

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Authoring books has become a brand-promotion and brand-positioning tool. In this process the authors themselves become the brand and a ‘brand’ is possibly the most effective instrument to reach a mass of consumers.

The world of books has magic, mania, and miracle. And so are the names of its warriors (author brands!) whose ‘name’ sells because it is the easiest way for brand recognition.

There is the instance of Nikita Singh, an Indian writer fresh out of her twenties and already an author of twelve books! From Bihar to New York, this new-gen writer has had a decorated journey. With her growing fandom of the younger readership, Nitika has re-positioned herself with a new title – “India’s Leading Romance Writer”.

Preeti Shenoy is another Indian author who has been consistently nominated for the Forbes List of hundred most influential celebrities in India since 2013. Among the various new-age authors, Shenoy’s journey is one that shows growth. From an unknown blogger to an author of several books. Shenoy describes how at the hardest time of her life when she felt emotionally the lowest, she used writing as a medium to channel her thoughts and expressions. From re-positioning herself from a blogger to her Forbes fame, Shenoy credits her success to a “can do” attitude.

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Nikita Singh
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Preeti Shenoy
Amish Tripathi
Amish Tripathi

Asked in an interview with Forbes about the life lessons she had gathered along the way, Shenoy outlined three: “First, it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Second, the best is yet to come. Third, do your best but prepare for the worst.” Her drive to deliver the best is what has made her “influential” and one of the best celebrity authors today.

There is also the instance of Amish Tripathi, who after serving fourteen years in the financial industry, turned to doing what inspired him the most – writing a book. Probably, his is the strangest transition of all in the recent times. To turn from the world of numbers to the world of letters, and choosing to write on Indian Mythology, shows he is another magic warrior. From being a complete non-believer in his youth to writing on Indian Mythology, Tripathi has re-positioned himself quite successfully.

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At a time when our whole nation has gone unanimously VOCAL FOR LOCAL, do you know Bajaj Auto, after four decades of ‘Humara Bajaj’, did not shy away from re-positioning its tagline as ‘The World’s Favourite Indian’.

After two decades of ‘We Also Make Steel’ tagline, Tata Steel embraced a much STRONGER identity ‘Values Stronger than Steel’.

In the same league, years old ‘Zaroorat Hai ‘ of Dabur Chyawanprash widened its horizon with its new brand positioning as ‘Fit Body, Active Mind’.

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