Want to promote your brand by communicating your thoughts convincingly to a broader audience? Well, there is no tool or medium as great as a book.

Ever wondered why almost every world leader, or multi-billionaire business tycoon, or staunch scientist, professor, scholar, academician, or entertainment celebrity is also an AUTHOR?

What pulls them from their drawing boards to their writing desks? How do they squeeze time out of their super-busy schedule? Why do they foray into the world of LETTERS?

The answer is: BEFRIEND BOOKS!

This is because the written documented record in the form of a book has a much longer shelf life – it lasts ages.


Authoring a book establishes your identity as an author – an ‘authority’ on the subject – and your content as the ‘testimonial’ of TRUTH of the time you live in. It is from your book that the future generations get the authentic information about life, living and livelihood of your time.

None of us has seen Tulsidas or Kabirdas; Babur or Akbar; Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, but we ‘know’ so much about them, their lives, their personalities, their challenges, and their likes and dislikes – all through their books!

Today’s J K Rowling will be ‘history’ tomorrow, but her creation, the Harry Potter series, would live forever with the kids at different times to come.

Bella Andre, the famous American author of more than 40 contemporary romance novels, went public saying, “The best self-promotion is your next book. And the book after that and after that”.

Nothing helps you PROMOTE your BRAND VALUE more than your own BOOK.

We, at Books33, just LOVE that – BRANDING!

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