Diwali Gift Hampers 1 Dhoop Cone Box + 1 Dhoop Stick Box + 1 Rangoli Kit + 1 Diya Box + 250gm Dry Fruit Pack + 2 Tea Light Holder



Natural Incense Cones (40 Cones Pack of 1)

Our organic and eco-friendly dhoop cones are special because they’re Handmade by rural women in India, with sustainable materials. Scented with pure essential oils, which are free of synthetic chemicals, these dhoop cones produce less smoke. Our Dhoop cones are available in a variety of fragrances such as sandalwood, khus, cinnamon and lemon grass etc. Each pack has 40 dhoop cones.

Natural Incense Stick (25 Sticks Pack of 1)

At HelpUsGreen, we believe in the power of organic and eco-friendly natural incense dhoop sticks. They can be used to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere anywhere—whether you’re at home or at work, or even just enjoying a quiet evening outside on your patio. Each pack contains 25 dhoop sticks.

Eco-friendly Rangoli Kit (1 Kit Per Pack)

We’ve created these beautiful chemical-free colours that can be used on anything from your home to your office to your temple. They’re made from 100% natural materials: no chemicals or dyes here! We use only natural pigments derived from plants, flowers, and herbs to create stunning colours that will add a sense of vibrancy to any room. With 2 stencils inside, it is easy for anyone to get creative with their decorating.

Eco-Friendly Diya Box (4 Diyas in 1 Box)

The best part is that you can reuse these beautiful diyas time after time without any worries about toxic fumes. They are made from biodegradable materials which makes them completely safe for use by anyone in your family. This pack will contain 4 beautifully handcrafted diyas by rural women of India.

Dry Fruits Pack of 1

Looking for a way to get your daily recommended serving of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants? Look no further! Our 1 Dry Fruit Pack is the perfect way to get all of your fruit needs in one convenient package. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack on the go or something crunchy at home, our packages contain just the right amount of deliciousness.

2 Tea Light Holder

Our natural and eco-friendly tea light holder is a great gift for the person who loves candles but hates the mess they leave behind. This holder looks great on any table, shelf, or countertop, and it’s also a great way to add a little extra ambience to your home decor. This is an easy way to give your home a touch of style without sacrificing convenience or safety.

Additional information

Combinations Cone.

Loban, Woods, Amber, White Saga, Oudh, Yagya


Sandalwood, Patchouli, Rajnigandha, Lavender, Khus, Lemon Grassnder, Rose, Cinnamon, Citronella, Mogra, Nagchampa, Eucalyptus

Combinations Kit

1 Rangoli Kit + 1 Diya Box + Dry Fruit Pack + Tea Light


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