Natural Incense Cones Rajnigandha Fragrance (40 Cones Pack of 1) – HelpUsGreen


We are proud to offer the best NATURAL INCENSE CONES – RAJNIGANDHA fragrance. Our Rajnigandha dhoop cones are made with 100% pure Rajnigandha flower, and they’re hand-dipped in beeswax to ensure a slow and even burn.

Our dhoop cones produce a scent that’s both strong and relaxing—the perfect combination for a calming, meditative experience.

We’ve also added a dash of essential oils to our Rajnigandha dhoop cones to increase their healing properties, so you can enjoy all of your favourite benefits from one product!

One pack will have 40 cones with a beautiful incense holder. Also, 30 to 35 minutes is the burning time of each cone, which is 3.5 cm long.



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