Effective Communication Skills

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In this Multi-title Book Series on BODY LANGUAGE & PUBLIC SPEAKING, the first one focuses on the nonverbal communication in the traditional face-toface (F2F) Work From Office (WFO) set-up that we device-to-device (D2D) set-ups. Something that we have accepted as the ‘new normal’ where Work From Home (WFH) is a common scenario.
In the third book, FACE EXPRESS Communication that Connects, 2nd Edition comprehensive details on the micro and macro facial expressions that human beings convey through their faces alone, have been discussed.
These aspects of communication have become more crucial than ever before, as the COVID-19 led pandemic has moved a large part of our daily lives from offline to online. Now, with a burst of such words and phrases in our everyday vocabulary as ‘social distancing’, ‘online classes’, ‘work-from-home’, ‘virtual world’, and ‘screen-to-screen communication’, our body language that has transformed from feet-size to inch size (framed & boxed within the length & width of the device screen) has got an altogether different perspective.
At a time when UNDERSTANDING the other person is an EMPATHETIC way of communicating with them, these 3 books will help you understand their physical-mental-emotional state by ‘listening what is NOT spoken’ and ‘reading what is NOT written’ all enjoyed in pre-Covid era until pandemic broke out in March 2020. Whereas, in the second book the focus has been shifted to the practical aspects of dealing with communication challenges of a virtual S2S (screen to screen) interaction done on different



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