Spies, Lies & Red Tape By Amit Bagaria
Genre: Non-Fiction

This is the first non-fiction novel written by famous writer Amit Bagaria who is known for writing books on Indian Politics, Governance, Indian History and other diplomatic and national interests.

The author has beautifully explained India’s internal politics, honeytraps, betrayals and spies on national and international level. This political thriller shows how an undeserving and unstable government comes into power and takes decisions which puts country’s security in danger.

The whole plot is filled with lots of turns and twists about how a candidate whose party has got less votes come into power and become fifteenth prime minister of India.

The book is a must read as it shows international involvement in diplomatic affairs. It tells the story of people of Pakistan and China working as spies.

Book is also gripping with high degree of suspense and actions like blasts happening in India, prime minister missing from her flight and no one knows where she is.

Amit Bagaria book

To know what happened with the prime minister and the spies, one must read the book and that is where this book stands out. It is engaging and author has beautifully shown how people who are dedicated and honest to the country save their motherland.

If you love political and action thrillers you can’t put this book down. The book has all the qualities of getting converted into a movie and it will be as engaging and interesting as it is now and all thanks to the writer. The suspense will grip you to the end and you will not regret reading it.

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