The Accidental Prime Minister

By Sanjaya Baru
Genre: Non-Fiction

The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh is a memoir written by the prime minister’s media adviser, Sanjaya Baru. The book was highly acclaimed and was later picturized by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte in 2019.

Being very close to Manmohan Singh, Baru had the opportunity to take a close look at what it was like for Singh to maintain his public image while managing the behind the scene dramas. In this book, Baru has shared his observations regarding the troubled relationships that Singh had with his ministers, the cautious equation that he maintained with Sonia Gandhi, and how he transformed from a technocrat to a politician.

The book revealed to the world what it was like for Manmohan Singh to work in a government that had two renters of power. The author has made the book insightful, acute, and has packed it with interesting political gossips.


The Accidental Prime Minister has portrayed an excellent picture of the political scenario of the Manmohan Singh era. It tells you about a person who has risen from ashes to achieve something that is unique as well as exceptional. The book describes how a person, who is having such high integrity and knowledge had to succumb to authority.

The Accidental Prime Minister has been well written and is very engaging and keeps the readers glued till the end.

Known to be one of the insider accounts of the political scenario of India, this book has become an interesting read for anyone who has some interest in politics.


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