The Girl In Room No.105 By Chetan Bhagat
Genre: Fiction, Romance Novel, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

The girl in room 105 is a captivating thriller written by author Chetan Bhagat. In this book, the author has beautifully blended a love story with a murder mystery.

The story of The Girl In Room No.105 is about Keshav, a former IIT student who is not satisfied with his career. He is in love with Zara, a Kashmiri Muslim girl who does not return her love. When his love Zara gets murdered, Keshav decides to find the real killer, although police had quickly arrested the watchman of Zara’s hostel and closed the case. The story of The Girl In Room No.105 goes on to narrate how Keshav filled every clue he found meticulously and was finally successful in identifying the real murderer and put him beyond the bar.

The author has called his story “An Unloved Story” because the protagonist’s love was not returned by his lady love. Although advised by his friends to love the girl. Keshav could not do so. Hence when she was murdered, he became determined to fill her killer.

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The Girl In Room No.105

This book is the author’s first attempt at a thriller and he has made it readable for all by introducing humor, love, romance, and also a few touching issues of the world today. He made it a fun and easy read for his readers. Anyone who understands basic English can quickly get immersed in the plot and flow along without having to refer to any dictionary.

The book also has a Kashmir angle which the author has thoughtfully added. This was to make the youths of today become aware of the life of the ordinary people of Kashmir and how they go through the situations there.

This murder mystery, weaved around the tissues of love, connecting all the characters with one major plot pillar, and each other, is a must-read and will keep the readers engrossed and baffled till they reach the end.

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