The Indigo Story: Inside the Upstart that Redefined Indian Aviation By Shelley Vishwajeet
Genre: Management Lesson

The book, The Indigo Story: Inside The Upstart That Redefined Indian Aviation, recounts an interesting story of how Indigo became a brand synonymous with high quality aviation service. The book brings to light how a relatively small start-up business like Indigo, with only a handful of aircrafts in its kitty, went on to become the largest airline company in the country, in spite of stiff competition from rivals of high stature. The author feels that the mantra behind the success of Indigo’s business growth lies in these parameters:

1)Performance within timelines
2) Connectivity with low cost
3) High service standards

Indigo’s success story, relies on the dreams of perfect copilots, Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal, in spite of a few setbacks, that ultimately converted a wild idea to a reality, which proved to be helpful to millions of people. This book is not just the story of Indigo airlines, but it also is the history of global aviation and Indian aviation. Indigo has come to be a favorite amongst flyers by virtue of its impeccable neatness, unfailing clockwork, courteous staff, super-efficient operations and no-nonsense experience. Shelley Vishwajeet does a commendable job of writing a well-researched story of Indigo, starting from scratch in 2005 to their current 40% market share in domestic market.

The book allows the readers to know up close the story of the key people who pulled off Indigo, one of the finest businesses built in India over past 15 years, from scratch. The book just does not restrict to Indigo’s success, but also to the overall aviation industry in our country. It is a preferred book to any aviation enthusiast who is eyeing for an effective, well-researched insight into the Indian aviation industry. A word of caution, however, is on authenticity of the usage of data and graphs used in this book.

About the Author:  Mr. Shelley Vishwajeet is a seasoned journalist, with sound knowledge in political commentary and an acclaimed author. He has been associated with renowned brands such as Business India, The Observer of Business & Politics, Star Television Network, My Mobile, Aviation World and the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

Shelley Vishwajeet

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