The Last Song of Dusk By Siddhartha Shanghvi
Genre: Fiction

The Last Song of Dusk is the first novel written by author Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi. This book earned the author the Betty Trask Award (UK) and also the Premio Grinzane Cavour (Italy). The book was also nominated for the IMPAC award and due to its popularity, was translated to 10 different languages.

This story is about Anuradha and her husband Vardhmaan Gandharva and their evolving relationship after a marriage lasting through the years to reach their own age. The story revolves around four vibrant and dynamic characters. Apart from Anuradha and her husband, there is their quiet and composed son Shloka and Nandini, Anuradha’s cousin who brings in the much-needed excitement into the otherwise dull everyday life of the Gandharvas.

The story has been set with the 1920’s Bombay in the backdrop. The author has written the story in a narrative style that is rich in dialogue. The interaction between the characters has been beautifully weaved in the prose of the book.

The Last Song of Dusk

The storyline has been made intensively gripping with a twist and turn at every corner of the life of the Gandharvas. Just when the readers start thinking that a happy ending is soon to come, a sudden twist makes them wonder where the misfortunes of the characters will finally come to an end.

There is also a lesson to be learned from the book. It teaches readers how resilience, the right company, love, and trust can help in getting through any situations in life.

Overall, the book is an excellent read and keeps the readers glued till the end.

Siddhartha Shanghvi