The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Genre: Fiction

The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming is the sequel of the book Brotherhood of the Conch. This series has been written by author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This fantasy series is about its young hero Anand and his friend Nisha, who has been entrusted with a magical conch, a scared object, and has been given a powerful responsibility.

In this story of The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming, Anand’s spiritual and magical mentor Master Healer Abhaydatta is in serious danger. Naturally, it falls into Anand’s responsibility to travel to several hundred years of past to Moghul times to fight the evil. On the way, Anand gets separated from Nisha and the conch gets lost in the ancient kingdom. The story goes on to narrate how Anand brings his master and friend back to safety and also find the conch in time.

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In this book, aimed for young readers, the author has woven her masterpiece which keeps are readers glued to the book. The adventure and magic in the unexplored valley of the Himalayas are bound to mesmerize and keep the fans f the Conch Bearers engrossed in the book till the end.

The poetic language, the strange characters along the beautiful backdrop of the book has created a fantasy world in which young readers will like to get lost.

As this is a squeal, readers should read the Brotherhood of the Conch before reading this book to have a better understanding of the story to be able to enjoy the book completely.

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