Think Like A Monk By Jay Shetty
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The book, Think Like A Monk – Train Your Mind For Peace And Purpose Every Day, is a self help book by Jay Shetty, who is an Indian-British author, former monk and a purpose life coach. Jay, in his book, has detailed his journey as a monk and the associated learning during the course. The narrative of the book is very inspiring and encouraging, in which the author takes the readers back to the time, when he was a monk. The book allows the readers to get a considerable understanding of the Vedic tradition, leading them to channelize their thought-processes with clarity, by means of their potential and power.

The author draws reference from ancient wisdom and correlates it with his own experiences while staying at the ashram. The book (Think Like A Monk) guides the readers on how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, and achieve the calm and goal that lie within all of them. One may think that the lessons monks learn are valuable but are often hard to relate by a common man. Jay uses his experiential learning to cite great advice which allows the readers to use them in their lives to reduce stress, improve focus, improve relationships, identify the hidden abilities, increase self-discipline and present a better version of oneself to the to the world. The author through his path breaking book claims that anyone can ‘think like a monk’.

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Think Like A Monk

Jay has used a relatable story telling technique in his book (Think Like A Monk), which makes it a good read for any one. There is an undertone of humor, which keeps the readers focused and interested from start to finish. Being already an acclaimed name, after being widely accepted for his podcast, On Purpose, Jay’s book automatically caters as a well thought out piece of self help, to his pre-existing bunch of readers, the world over.

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