Titan: Inside India’s Most Successful Consumer Brand By Vinay Kamath
Genre: Management Lessons

The book, Titan: Inside India’s Most Successful Consumer Brand, chronicles the journey of the watch-making business from the house of the Tata’s since its inception to its flourishing into a diversified product’s brand. The journey which began solely on the basis of a few of the Tata employees to try out something different, culminated not only into a super successful business model but also saw the extension and expansion of the brand into offering a lot more than only watches. The story also brings to light the secret recipe with the help of which Titan has sustained to remain the market leader in the watch manufacturing business for the last three decades, along with venturing into multiple business verticals like Tanishq, Titan Eyeplus, Skinn and Taneira.

The author, Vinay Kamath highlights the making of the brand Titan including the various hurdles and odds that the company faced in the early days. The narrative of the book is simple and easy flowing, allowing the readers to get an insight into the business and marketing strategies that the company has been adopting over the years to ensure a competitive edge in the market.

It is amazing for the readers to know the story of transformation of a mere utility – watch – into an unputdownable fashion must have. The book details the various episodes that have gone into shaping Titan into the brand it is today, from boardroom meetings to back office activities.

What makes this book an interesting read is Vinay’s style of relatable storytelling, which throws a message to the masses that even ordinary people can do extraordinary things, when left to themselves, with the help of sheer dedication and perseverance.

About the Author: Vinay Kamath, an associate editor with The Hindu Business Line, based in Chennai, has also had a short stint of television as the Chief of News Bureau, Chennai. A graduate in economics from Vivekananda College, University of Madras, Mr. Kamath holds a diploma in Journalism from the Times School of Journalism, New Delhi and is also a member of the first batch of the Chevening Young Journalists Fellowship Programme at the University of Westminster, London.


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