After the fall of covid-19, the world has come to a stagnant. People approve of the digital world more than that of the real world. But honestly, this became more the fundamental unit. It all started in the fall of 2019, and now, even in the year 2022, they are adopting digital ways for their lifestyle. Books, although they remained a physical form of interaction and learning, with each passing day, it seems like even in the case of books, people prefer the digital platform. While we have continuously streamed music in digital ways, reading books have also found a way to be in the stratum of digital platform.

And thus, the rise of e-books began. It has seemed to curtail the production of books. While this has not been a piece of very great news for those who enjoy reading printed books, it certainly is great news for those who enjoy reading books online. Our love for printed books might have had an environmental effect, one of the main reasons why more publishers are eco-friendly.

Multiple factors, be small or large, have led to the decline of printing books, thereby resulting in the contribution of the ecological footprint of the book publishing industry. It can also be felt overwhelming at the same time because it is definitely a good thing in the protection against nature. And that is why we are here to provide a certain explanation of where the basic problems lie and how the choice of authors can lead to the protection of nature and the development of an eco-friendly environment.

Thus, when you find any eco-friendly book publishers, praise their attempts and work. And if you want to know about an eco-friendly book publisher, then we would suggest to you Books 33. They are known to be one of the best eco-friendly publishers you will ever come across, along with the best books from the authors. Now, let us get to know about specific reasons why the printing presses are curbing down nature.

Why are the Printing Presses Going Eco-Friendly these Days? 

When we discuss sustainability, we think of our environment as a whole. There are no particular divisions, and so is the printing press. But why is the printing press posing harm to the environment? Let us see:

Reason # 1: Global Phenomenon

As is seen and known that with each passing day, global warming is increasing, and the temperature on the earth is undoubtedly increasing too, which is becoming intolerable for humans and other living creatures to tolerate. Animals are becoming instinct and thus, leading to the decline of nature. But, we humans shouldn’t let that happen to nature, which is why printing presses should be said no to. While the earth needs more trees to be planted, all we are doing is cutting them down for our interest. Every year, millions of trees are cut down due to the making of books, which is not only resulting in deforestation but also in the rise of the global temperature. In this way, it is affecting nature.

Reason # 2: Use of Sustainable Energy 

The printing press is not just about felling down trees, and it is more than that. When something is getting printed in huge numbers, specific energy is needed. Water is necessary too. Electrical power is in most use. And apart from that, the noise produced due to the working of the printing press leads to the increment of noise pollution, which is practical harm to nature. Aren’t these enough for opting for more eco-friendly publishers these days? Well, there are more reasons which can be pointed out apart from noise pollution. The smoke which comes out of the printing press results in air pollution. The carbon monoxide in the air pollutes the air, resulting in the decline of the effective ozone layer. And the decline of the ozone layer is symbolic of one thing, which is the greenhouse effect. Speaking of greenhouses, which brings us to our next point.

Reason # 3: Promotion of Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse gases are released into the environment while the raw materials are being transported from one place to the other. By this, we mean that when the raw products come to the press, emission of gases take place, and after the products are finished, while they get distributed between manufacturers, distributors, and consumers, it further promotes the emission of greenhouse gases.

While the books are getting shipped, the packing materials are used from plastic and foam, which are harmful to nature. This process also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases. Now, as we speak of things that are harmful to nature, it brings us to our next point. Let us see.

Reason # 4: Promotion of Wastes 

Previously, we have discussed how the energy is being used in the production of printed books, but we did not discuss what happens when there is an inefficiency in this supply chain. While there is an inefficient work process, it can lead to overproduction. And when there is overproduction of certain titles, it can lead to the manufacture of waste that is not disposable to nature, for an instant. When the books are getting shipped in plastic wrappers or foams, the plastics are often discarded by the people. They get either dumped into certain grounds or in the dustbin garages. But either way, they are harmful to nature and promote non-disposable waste. And it is one of the main reasons why we are finding a rise in the number of eco-friendly publishers these days.

These are enough reasons for a person to choose wisely whether to go for e-reading or reading printed books. But, how do the authors help in the process? Let us read more to find out.

How Can an Author Help in the Procedure of Publishing?

Authors do have a very wide outright knowledge of the happenings of the world. As far as they are concerned about the environmental impact, what is their role in choosing publishers? If a budding writer makes the wise decision about publishing their books, then it can be a whirlwind for their career. By this, we mean that these days, more people are opting for e-reading, so if the author chooses wisely, it can mean that it will boost his career. This is because these days, people prefer e-books over printed books, and you being an author if you choose an eco-friendly publishercan mean that it will help you flourish in your career.

A Quick Wrap-Up! 

While you are at the front foot of every knowledge, it is quite understandable why e-books are not a threat to nature. Why should people prefer e-books over any printed books, and why should they be more inclined towards eco-friendly publishers? And if you are an author, choose wisely. So, here we are suggesting Books 33. We are an eco-friendly publishing company that will help you in the process of publishing your books. You can visit us to learn more about us!

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