You Can Win By Shiv Khera
Genre: Self Help

The book, You Can Win, is an easy to read, self-help book, in which the author uses interesting short stories, anecdotes and references from life, to explain his points towards achieving success in various aspects of life.

The short stories leave a lasting impression on the readers, coupled with the to-do list at the end of each story or chapter, compelling them to start alinging their thoughts to focus on the ways of converting their long- and short-term goals into actionables, thereby achieving success. The author stresses on the importance of positive attitude in accomplishing success in life.

Although Success is not an easy commodity to obtain, it is nevertheless very much achiveable, as is claimed by the author in this book. Akin to various other things in life, Success too needs to be carefully planned and deliberated. There is no magic formula about winning in life. It is mostly common sense that gets one at the pinnacle of success.

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In this book (You Can Win), the author uses varying lessons taken from ancient wisdom to modern philosophy, in order to depict how we can deal with the issues of our daily lives, and how we can turn otherwise bad situations into good ones. The concepts cited in the book are likely to help the readers to take better charge of their lives. and decide for themselves how they wish to go ahead in situations that they once feared.

The key message in the book is to transform negative thoughts into positive ones and translate thoughts into winning actions. Quoting the author, winners don’t do different things, they just do ordinary things differently.    

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