When is World Coconut Day celebrated?

You have enjoyed the hard fruit with its water and kernel throughout. It has added piquancy to your cuisine and decorated your goodies. Yes! I am talking about coconut. Do you know that there is a day meant for celebrating this virtuous fruit? That’s right September 2nd is celebrated as the World Coconut Day.

The History of World Coconut Day

The World Coconut Day was first observed on September 2, 2009. It was an occasion to celebrate the launch of the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community, which spreads awareness about utility of coconut. In fact, in the Asia-Pacific region coconut is grown in all types of saline soil. While cultivation of coconut is not difficult, it usually promises the owner a handsome harvest to sell and turn into good cash or use as consumable fruit.

The auspicious Coconut

That Coconut is a rich fruit full of virtues is not unknown. Especially in India, coconut has a religious significance and is used as an offering in rituals. You often see devotees breaking the coconut at the altar to get the blessings of the God. Breaking of the coconut is symbolic to crushing of the ‘ahamika’ or ego of a person and is believed to bestow good luck and the blessings of the God. Also, this fruit’s three marks on its head are regarded the eyes of Lord Shiva. Coconut is, therefore, considered a ‘Brahmin’ and worshipped at some places.

A crop full of resources

Let us now evaluate what makes coconut so popular. Well, the flesh of the fruit is full of nutrients. The water inside is a natural drink which not only cools the body but is also a natural cure for liver diseases and pox-scars. No part of the coconut tree goes waste. The hard fibres make for good fodder and are used as cattle feed. Earlier, they were also used as fuel. The leaves make good thatching for huts and the stalk running in between columns of leaves is used for making broom sticks. What more can one want from a single crop?


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