Ayodhya has been the land of political, historical, and social debates for decades together. We all have known its story and its much-anticipated conclusion as well.

I am Bharat, son of a priest and a social worker in Ayodhya. My father was a man of virtues and respect; he was an honest and honorable man. I was grown up in a very positive, religion-neutral, spiritual, and scholarly enriching environment.

My father used to teach Hindi and Sanskrit to poor children of all castes. He always believed that ‘Humanity is above all colors, gender, religion, belief, caste, and creed.

I grew up admiring him as my role model. I always wanted to be like him someday – unbiased and ethically upright!

I have grown up as a witness to several cacophonous protests followed by several people getting injured

…sometimes even dead.

As soon as my father would come to know about such clamorous incidents, he would hurry his way to help the needful and wounded people.

He would ask me to stay home and not let anyone in. He did not want me to see anything that a child is NOT supposed to see!

The last time I saw him, he was badly bruised and backstabbed. He took his last breath near the temple of Lord Rama.

In our Indian culture-rich society, mostly sons follow the footsteps and aspire to become a replica of him.

I am NO different. Ever since he said goodbye to this earthly world, I have taken it onto myself to selflessly help and educate people thereby spreading sensitization on the futility of violence and arrogance.

Leaving it to Lord Rama and Allah to bless us All – both Janardan and Junaid – with more maturity, sensitivity, and HUMANITY.

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