Ladakh, located in the Northern part of India, and known as the land of high passes, is the most enchanting place for Aditya, a fashion photographer from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Aditya had visited Ladakh last year and last to last year and last to last to last year… Yes, he has been visiting Ladakh year after year for the last seven years!

This year too, he had plans to make a trip to Ladakh – his muse.

His work being his greatest obsession, he never compromises with it. He enjoys travelling and exploring new things and capture them forever in his CANON EOS 5D MARK IV DSLR CAMERA.

This year has been different, difficult, and disillusioning for Aditya and his friends. Covid-19 outbreak has dampened their plans of visiting their ‘enchanted land’.

Aditya and all his plans of various travels and trips have gone for a toss. This weekend, Aditya and his friends nestle together at his home to reminisce over their favourite delicacies and drinks.

Arun started off saying, “Lets share our most beautiful and happy memories of 2019”. Everyone agreed and all the friends sat together and one by one shared their favourite incidents and experiences.

Aditya chose to speak on his favourite topic – Ladakh. He confesses that he had never seen such an amazing and wonderful in his life. He adds on that Ladakh hosts one of the most famous festival ‘the Ladakh festival’ in the month of September.  The festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and utmost joy.  Variety of dance performances, traditional music performances put up by people – young and old – clad in colourful robes, take the festival to the next level.

The people are friendly and co-operating, they got him understand the history of their festival and rituals. He had also made friends there and is in contact with them on a regular basis.  

The festival takes place during the harvest season when people sing and dance to celebrate their merriment. The main attractions of the festivals are archery, polo, masked dances, and the concerts.

Aditya also showed his friends the photographs of the festival of the earlier years.

His friends are delighted to see, hear, and imagine so much about the place. Their excitement boils out at a PROMISE to visit the ‘enchanted land’ to relish its festivity in Ladakh Festival 2021.

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