This year has been more disastrous than any of us could have imagined – even in the wildest of our dreams. It has been a monstrosity of ‘me and mine’ just like ‘you and yours’.

In our everyday lives, we forget to appreciate the little things of life – going to a restaurant, trying on clothes, hugging, kissing, travelling, the smell of a book, ahh! The smell of a book! Being a bookworm forever, I have always desired to write books, but my everyday work rarely gives me chance to. So, I finally took up the challenge and began crunching words day and night. I sat tirelessly at my laptop, just writing with nothing except the story just revolving around in my head. It’s funny how rapidly you can achieve your goals if you just put your mind to it and actually work rather than procrastinating. Surprisingly, I concluded and edited my book in 45 days, and it is now ready to be published.

I had been to the Pune Literary festival a couple of times earlier, and it had now become a very real chance for me to launch my book in it. I talked to my agent and we came up with an amazingly beautiful opening for the book. My happiness knew no bounds and I was on cloud nine until a few days ago. But then I learnt the festival would not take place this time, thanks to Covid-19. I have had several heartbreaks in my life, but none even close to this one. My heart ached and my mind kept thinking of an alternative. Literary agents usually advise that a book’s physical and digital versions should be released simultaneously. This is often done for a better success rate. But, realising the current pandemic would not leave us in a hurry, I made the best use of the worst situation and released only a digital copy. And it became a bestseller in just 2 months of its release! I am glad I didn’t let the situation come in the way of my dreams. It’s still hard not to have a physical copy of the book, but I know this dream will also be fulfilled soon enough.

Note: This is a work of fictionAny resemblance to a person living or otherwise may be purely coincidental

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