Moms : The Unsung Heroes of Mother India

-Pallavi Buragohain

Sleep has been a long-forgotten affair for Tulsi since a month. She mostly spends her night staring at the open window beside her bed which gives a clear view of the starry night sky.

The stars disappear with the rising sun and bring forth another day and another challenge for her.

Tulsi had lost her husband six years after her marriage, when Arjun was just 3-year-old. Being a single mother was tough for her – both emotionally and financially.

But her son provided the much-needed support, hope and happiness to revive from all pains.

Arjun grew up into an upright and confident boy. He was good in sports as well as loved reading and writing poetry.

Both the mother and son were happy in their own small world.

One day, Arjun went to his mother and disclosed about his future aspirations. “I want to join the Indian army maa.” he said.

“Whaattt!” Tulsi replied in shock.

Arjun had just appeared for his final exams of graduation. Tulsi was not at all prepared to learn such news from her only son.

There was an awkward silence in the room.

“Maa, I want to serve my country. I want to devote my life to my motherland. By God’s grace I am blessed with a good physique and good mental health, so why not choose a profession that interests and suits my temperament at the same time!”

Tulsi was startled for some time. Many questions and fears crossed her mind. She thought for a while and finally nodded her head in a ‘yes.’

Arjun was happy to have his mother’s support in pursuing his dreams. He hugged her and ran outside to post his application for the Military Academy.

Tulsi was still in dilemma, but how could she stand in between a soldier and his motherland! She clearly noticed the sparkle in Arjun’s eyes and passion in every word he spoke.

As a mother she did feel the ache of exposing her only son to risks and dangers, but she was proud at the same time. She not only took pride in her son’s bravery, but her upbringing as well. She also felt left out by the only support system of her life, but was more joyful by the thought of being called as the ‘mother of a soldier’.

Arjun got selected for the Military Academy and finally was in his favourite clothes – the Indian army uniform.

His mother’s eyes were filled with tears of ecstasy when she first she saw him in his uniform.

“You look your best my dear son.” She said and kissed his forehead.

One day Arjun called his mother and informed that he has been transferred to the border area. Tulsi got very nervous for the first time.

“But that is one of the most dangerous postings my son. Wasn’t there a ruthless terrorist attack last week in that area?” She asked.

Arjun took a deep breath and replied with a smile, “Maa, my fellow army men are badly injured in that attack. Hence new soldiers have been deployed to guard the border. And I am fortunate to be one of them.”

Tulsi almost broke down in tears.

Arjun consoled her saying, “My dear maa, how can I serve my motherland if my own mother is in tears? I need your support and blessings to take care of our country.”

Tulsi somehow gathered herself back and replied, “My blessings are with every son and daughter who is in the noble service of our nation. Take care of yourself and our motherland.”

Arjun was relieved and bade goodbye to his mother.

Almost two months have passed by, Tulsi had not heard from her son. Only a day back, she learnt from Arjun’s fellow soldiers that the place of his posting is at a high altitude with no network coverage. She is helpless yet hopeful to see her son soon. The anxious mother breaks down time and again, but strengthens herself every time as a responsible Indian.

As Arjun confronts with dangers to protect his country, his mother struggles to overcome her anxiety every day and night.

Both of them fight their own battles in different ways. While the entire country enjoys their freedom, many mothers like Tulsi fail to free themselves from the constant fears and uncertainties. They yearn to see their sons every day, or to at least hear from them via a phone call or letter.

Each day is a new challenge, yet these steely moms endure all their feelings with bravery and pride.

While a soldiers’ sacrifices are always praised, can we afford to ignore the sacrifices of their families and friends?

The emotional turmoil of such families often remains unheard and unnoticed. They are the unsung heroes of the nation and an epitome of immense courage.

Be it blood or tears, every drop of human emotion is equally precious for the nation.

On the 75th Independence Day of India Books33 salutes all the brave hearts, their families and loved ones who live in their own battlefields and constantly combat their fears for our country to lead us forward fearlessly.

Jai Hind!

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