My House Becomes HOME

-Pallavi Buragohain

I shut my laptop for the day and take a deep sigh of relief. It’s Saturday tomorrow and I need not come to office for two consecutive days. Ah! I had such an exhausting week. I take the last sip of my black coffee and walk towards the dustbin by the window to dispose the paper cup. I glance outside and witness the beautiful city from the 7th floor of my office. It has been 2 weeks since I moved to this place. I am yet to discover more of everything around me, but today even the familiar street seems to have a different look.

The light rain throughout the day has washed away all the accumulated dust and dirt. The street vendors cover up their stocks with white plastic, upon which the raindrops were shining like diamonds. The plants look greener and streets much cleaner. I then hear a loud thunder from the sky and realise that it may rain heavily. I pack my bag pack and walk home with an umbrella.

‘Home’ has always been a special entity in my life. It is said, a house becomes ‘home’ through the people living there. As I was living alone for the time being, I was still struggling to experience that ‘homely vibe’ from my rented 1 BHK apartment. Nevertheless, as I reach my building gate, the watchman calls me out.

“There is a parcel for you.” He said.

“Parcel!” I exclaimed, just like a kid.

He hands me the box wrapped with paper and brown tape all over it. The perfect packing was enough for me to understand that it was from none other than my mother.

I thank him and go upstairs. I unwrap it and find a container filled with my favourite coconut laddoos.

My mother makes the best laddoos in this world!

I take one inside my mouth and quickly dial her number.

“I hope you liked them.” Her soft voice said.

“Oh! I loved them mom. I wonder how you never fail to surprise me with your sweet gestures.”

My mother laughed and said, “I know you must be feeling homesick at your new place. Hence, thought of packing my ‘love’ in a container. A small gift of love it is!”

“Thank you so much mom. I love you.”

“I love you too beta. Take care.” Saying this she hung up.

Just then I realise that my room has been filled with the fragrance of the delicious laddoos – that typical smell of home and my motherly love.

It immediately transformed my ‘house’ to a ‘HOME…Sweet HOME’.

Miles apart, my mother’s love packed in those laddoos felt like magic. Their sweetness and aroma healed my loneliness and elated the aura of my new home.

As the rain outside washed off the dust from nature, my mother’s gift of love cleansed all the tiredness and grief from my soul making me ‘watered’ with happiness, hope and contentment just like the Earth feels after Rains.

Love You Mom!

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