Rejoiceful Riya

“DADDA, why can’t I go to see mom in the hospital, I know she is fighting with C-A-N-C-E-R there”, teary-eyed 8-year-old Riya asked innocently to her ‘dadda’ – her grandmother.

Riya continued, “Mumma promised me that I will get to see her every weekend if I do my homework well. You see, I’ve completed all my homework then why can’t I visit her?”

Dadda couldn’t muster the strength to reply to Riya about the condition of her mother, Neeta who is battling cancer. She hugged her granddaughter tightly and whispered, “No dear, it’s not you, it’s the consequences which are at fault right now!”

Each day Dadda would pray to God, in the hope that Neeta recovers fast. And they live those happy days of togetherness again.

Finally, as the fate would have it, Neeta was getting discharged from the hospital, today.

Riya was happy beyond bounds!

As Neeta stepped out of the car, Riya saw her Mumma in a wheelchair.

After a week-long cure, care and compassion from all the family members, Neeta’s health improved. Solely due to her strong will power!

Riya would look at her mother, from a distance. She looked weaker than before, smiled lesser, and never shared conversations with her.

The lady, who was the charm of the house, was now filled with pains.

Riya couldn’t watch her Mumma like this anymore.

She thought of the one thing that her Mumma loved the most – Music… YES, she loves music”, she exclaimed!!

The next day, early morning, Riya took out the old music system from the cupboard, dusted it, and played the favorite songs of her Mumma, reminding her of the merry days!

As Neeta heard the music beats, she started smiling and humming the songs. Dadda , too came out of her room and saw her daughter-in-law and granddaughter, joyous and filled with cheer!

All three of them, rejoiced at the music for hours that day. Dadda and Riya danced slowly to the rhythm and Neeta hummed the tunes and moved her body slightly on the wheelchair.

At the end of it all, Neeta called Riya and said, “Thank you, dear, while in the hospital, battling with cancer, I had given up all my hopes that I would survive, even when I did, the agony was still there. I couldn’t smile and bring myself to accept that I was still alive. You made me realize this and I’m sure our smiles will last LONGER this time. ”

Riya wiped her tears and said, “I know Mom, that cancer took a lot from you, even more than we can ever imagine. But you’re back with us and we’ve been lucky enough for that, I won’t let it take our happy moments with it. We will smile. We will sing. We will be HAPPY again.

Dadda and Neeta felt proud of their little ‘Rejoiceful Riya’.

Note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to a person living or otherwise may be purely coincidental

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