See You Soon, Amma…

Pallavi Buragohain

“See you soon, Amma” was all Kamala Das could say while biding a tough goodbye to her dearest mother.

In her poem My Mother at Sixty-Six, Kamala Das presents a perfect display of conflicting emotions that we all must have gone through in our lives. She voices out the fears and pain that we feel so deeply yet choose to hide in the darkest chambers of our hearts.
In her poem ‘My Mother at Sixty-six’, Kamala depicts the time when her old mother came to drop her at the airport and the insecurities that followed all throughout her journey. As she bids goodbye to her ageing mother, she is gripped by the sudden fear of loss and separation. But all she did was put on a brave face and a hopeful smile while her heart trembled with thoughts of uncertainties.
Don’t we all tend to push away the thoughts of losing the most precious person in our life as it makes us uneasy?
A Mother is the primary life-giver who devotes herself in fulfilling all the needs of her child. She showers all her affection and attention to provide the best possible life for her children. The most striking part here is that they do so without expecting anything in return. Be it in the name of marriage, education or job, a mother lets her child explore the world and only prays for his/her well being.
How pure and selfless is her love!
When Anita’s aged mother was taking her last breaths, she was busy taking care of her ailing daughter who was also battling for life in the ICU. Anita got the final call to see her mother one last time. But the sentiments of the mother in her won over everything else. She could not afford to leave her daughter Anusha alone for anything in the world, not even her own mother. Anita was torn apart by the entire situation but she knew that her mother will understand her daughter, who is also a mother.
Such is the power and purity of a mother-child relationship. It is said that nobody can understand you better than your mother. Because your mother has known, loved and nourished you since the time when you were in her womb. She starts loving and taking care of you even before you are born. She accepts you as the most beautiful part of her life without even seeing your face. She creates you, raises you and sets you free from any obligation towards her. All she wishes for is your happiness and good health. Anita’s decision of not attending to her mother during her last moments might seem selfish for others but not for her mother. Likewise, leaving behind her ageing mother was equally difficult and painful for Kamala Das. But never for once did her mother ask her to stay back or showed signs of sadness. Because that’s how mothers are! Selfless, strong and sacrificing.
A mother-child relationship is the profound example of unconditional love and compassion. If you have your mother by your side, do acknowledge and honour her for every little thing she has done and is still doing for you. At last, do offer your gratitude to God for blessing you with the best mother in the world.

Note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to a person living or otherwise may be purely coincidental

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  • Akash Agarwal says:

    Beautifully written and we’ll curated..Mom is one of the best gift of god in everyone’s life..

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