Diwali Gift Hampers 1 Dhoop cone + 1 Dry Fruit Pack + 1 Diya Box + 1 Rangoli Kit



Natural Incense Cone (40 Cone Pack of 1)

Smell so good, you’ll get lost in its fragrance! We know you’re looking for organic and natural incense stick that don’t pose any harm to the environment. That’s why we carefully craft our incense sticks and cones by hand from only the finest ingredients (dipped in essential oils)—no artificial fragrances or artificial dyes here!. And because we believe in keeping things local and sustainable, we generate employment by hiring rural women for making such cones.

Dry Fruits Pack of 1

Dried fruits are one of the best ways to get your daily recommended serving of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—and we’re here to make it easy! Our packages contain just the right amount of deliciousness. You can even eat them out of their packaging if you want. So whether you’re looking for a quick snack on the go or want something crunchy at home, our 1 Dry Fruit Pack is the perfect solution for your needs!

Eco-Friendly Diya Box (2 Diyas in 1 Box)

This diwali, bring home the power of lights with our 100% eco-friendly Diyas. Get rid of the old, boring, and toxic Diyas with our decorative and sustainable ones. We guarantee that you will enjoy the warmth, and beauty of our reusable diya box. Each box contains two beautifully handmade diyas decorated by the rural women of India.

Eco-friendly Rangoli Kit (1 Kit Per Pack)

Rangoli is the traditional form of decorating our homes, offices and temples. Each pack contain 5 beautiful chemical-free colours, and 2 cardboard stencils to help you create a magnificent design. Our organic rangoli kits are made from 100% natural materials: no chemicals or dyes here! We use only natural pigments derived from plants, flowers, and herbs to create stunning colours that will add a sense of vibrancy to any room. With the stencils inside, it is easy for anyone to get creative with their decorating.

Additional information

Combinations Cone.

Lavender, Khus, Lemon Grassnder, Rose, Cinnamon, Citronella, Mogra, Nagchampa, Eucalyptus

Combinations Kit

1 Dry Fruit + 1 Rangoli Kit + 1 Diya Box


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