Premium Dhoop Sticks Yagya Fragrance (25 Sticks Pack of 1) – HelpUsGreen


Introducing Yagya Fragrance Premium Dhoop Sticks, made from sacred temple flowers which are recycled completely! These bamboo and charcoal-free incense sticks are hand-rolled by women flower cyclers, providing you with a 100% premium and luxury natural product.

The beautiful floral debris consuming the Holy Ganges was the inspiration behind the creation of HelpUsGreen. We researched eco-friendly processes to create something beautiful out of waste. The end result is these stunning dhoop sticks, perfect for adding a touch of spirituality and relaxation to your home.

Light up a stick and let the sweet fragrance fill the air. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day or to create a tranquil atmosphere for



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