Today was Raghu’s one of the happiest days in the life.

It was 14th October; World’s Standard Day and his company has chosen this day to facilitate all those employees who have contributed to maintaining the ISO standards of their company.

Raghu was getting a special award. Being the Management’s Representative (MR) of the company, it was his responsibility primarily to ensure that ISO standards are maintained.

He recalls the days when they decided to go for the ISO certification. It was not easy. They had nothing to start with. Being the MR, he was feeling lost. How will he manage everything? He had no idea about ISO.

His company had sent him for training, and he found he did very well there. Coming back from the training he had developed the ISO manual first. He felt proud that he was able to do it without external help and saved his company a lot of money.

Next, he meticulously trained all employees – making them understand what ISO all is about and what changes they need to make to get ISO certification.

Initially, he faced a lot of opposition. Employees were not ready to change things. In their mind, this was extra work at no extra pay. Even the managers were skeptical.

Raghu counseled them one by one and made this understand how this will benefit them. Not only they will be able to work in a streamlined manner, but their organizations will also do well after being ISO certified.

Gradually people understood and started cooperating. Slowly everything started falling into place. Internal audits were done, loopholes were found and rectified and finally, the day of the certification arrived.

Two external auditors came, and their audit went well. The auditors could not find any fault in their processes and praised the company for their achievement. Happy was the day that they received their certificate and could call themselves ISO certified.

The business grew with this prestigious certificate and the company flourished. The company recognized the efforts of all, especially Raghu, in getting this success and decided for the employee facilitation on World’s Standard Day.

Note: This is a work of fictionAny resemblance to a person living or otherwise may be purely coincidental

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