The Choice

When days are gloomy and light meek
When deaths are numerous and sorrow at its peak
In times of despair, what do you see
A string of rope or a ray of hope?
When the thunder thuds and lightening strike
When the virus attacks with all its might
In times of despair, what do you see
A loud nope or a ray of hope?
There is light, there is tomorrow
The darkness with eventually rush to its burrow
This too shall pass and we shall survive
With humanity restored and consciousness revived!

Sneh Anand

About the Author

Sneh Anand is a humanist with a Psychology background.

Sneh earned her Master’s Degree in two areas – Psychology & Human Resources. She is an HR professional by profession and a family person by passion.

Currently, she is working as a Sr. ERO (Sr. Employee Relations Officer) at Indian Oil Corporation Limited

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