In this lockdown scenario many things have changed and with this the norms for learning are also changed.

And as schools around the country have shuttered and now make plans for how the next school year will look, e-learning will be a large part of our future. We very well know that our kids are no strangers to the computer.

They are not like previous generations, and they know how to use devices better than the grown-ups. But we should not think that they are experts at getting the most out of online learning, it is our job as a parent to help them.

There are some facts to be kept in mind while coping with online learning. The first thing to keep in mind is that , make sure that your child doesn’t fall too far behind the curriculum,  to maintain this it’s important to maintain certain classroom norms, so that they know this is not a vacation.

Children should get assignments, grades, tests. You should encourage your child by continually checking in on their learning by working problems together or encouraging them to read their assignments aloud. Simple measurements like self-quizzing or checking problems together can help you stay abreast of their progress and if you set a reward system for good performance then it will immensely motivate them.

Most kids use the devices from very early age, but it is mostly used as a distraction. Now that the goal has turned to online learning, you should help them rethink to use these devices. It is also important that you should create an appropriate space for learning of your child. It can be  the kitchen table or a designated corner in the living room, but try to eliminate as many distractions as possible so that they understand that when they’re in this space, they should focus on their school work.

Our schools are built around structure and routine and a key component of that, is scheduled breaks. You should offer the same at home, too. You should schedule free time, hands-on learning, or walks throughout the day, and also lunch and snack breaks. Tell your child the whole routine when he is getting these breaks. It will help them to measure their day on a clock, like they would at school.

School is not all about academic learning only, a significant portion of what kids learn at school are social skills. While in this lockdown the physical relation cannot be maintained, make sure your child is still maintaining these relationships through video chats with friends. You can also teach them to email their friends.

In all we can achieve success in online learning as class assignments, quizzes, and tests can be done by the child albeit with your help. If your child is repeatedly having trouble, then you can take help of some professional

The problem of e-learning is that there is no physical interaction as there is no observant teacher that can read students body language to know that they might be struggling.

However, if your child needs a one-on-one attention, getting a tutor can help. With so much to do differently in this new normal times, online learning has opened yet another avenue of un-learning, learning, and re-learning.


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  • Biswanath Trivedi says:

    Very well explained the pros and cons of e learning or online studies.
    Learning without the physical presence of a teacher is really the biggest disadvantage but with more experience we will get over this.
    I want to congratulate the writer for choosing a very good topic in the present scenario.

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