Upskill Your Body Language, It Is Worth It

“An OPEN PALM speaks what a CLOSED FIST cannot” – Dr Shalini Verma ‘LIFOHOLIC’ TM

Thriving in the era of science and technology, and becoming digitally sound, we have in several ways forgotten the importance of good Body Language.

We all want to stand out of the crowd at our respective workspaces. We also do have this urge of honing our existing skillsets to escalate our career growth.

What are we doing about it?

Doing an online course of MOOC? Blowing our hard-earned money in upgrading our wardrobes? Hiring image consultants?

If you answered YES to the above questions, it’s high time you invested in our OWN BODY and honed the LANGUAGE it speaks.

Recently, I came across this book Body Language: Your Success Mantra by Dr. Shalini Verma ‘LIFOHOLIC’. It is the 2nd edition of its 1st edition published 15 years back in 2005.

This book lays down the importance of great body language, giving a detailed view of how to put these ideas to action in one’s life to achieve success and joy in personal and professional world.

From the physical attributes to psychological transformations, this book gives information about all the tidbits related to lead an aspiring life.

Thus, this book is a must-read for literally any individual, irrespective of age, gender, profession, and lifestyle. Give it a read and you will surely cherish every bit of it, throughout your life ahead!

Book Excerpt: “To convey our feeling and to share our ideas, we start communicating with fellow humans directly or indirectly, physically or emotionally, verbally or nonverbally, basically starting an interpersonal relationship with them. In fact, the ability to communicate information is ubiquitous in the entire animal kingdom; only the methods of doing so vary.”

Available on Amazon: Body Language: Your Success Mantra

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