Sheer lack of consciousness! Lakhs of people are dying around due to a lack of hygiene consciousness.

The delivery boy, Dhanush was working with reputed food delivery brand. He used to deliver the food parcels at different locations and thought it was just enough to wear thin gloves while delivering the food.

As per him, since he was wearing a glove and giving contactless delivery, it was not required for him to wash his hands, even at the end of the day. “Why waste water ” he would tell his colleagues and family.

But he forgot to notice that, as he was passing through different zones, his two-wheeler was perhaps collecting germs from his surroundings. The handle of his two-wheeler was getting contaminated and he was touching it repeatedly. Also, the houses he was visiting, before putting on the gloves for delivery, he was touching various parts of the building that may be contaminated with germs.

Soon enough he got infected by the deadly coronavirus and was hospitalized along with his father who also got infected through him. His mother and younger sister also got infected and they were in-home quarantine.

If only he had been a little more careful about himself, he would not have become so ill. Neither would his family suffer because of him. All it was required was for him to wash his hands as many times as possible along with sanitizing his bike handle once in a while.

Lying in the hospital bed, Dhanush saw the hospital staff canvassing the importance of washing hands, especially in the pandemic situation, on 15th October the Global Handwashing Day. His mind became full of remorse thinking how careless he had been.

Because of him, his father is in ICU battling for his life, the rest of his family is in a grave financial situation because both the earning members – he, and his father, are in the hospital. If anything were to happen to him and his father, how will their family survive?

And it is only because he was too careless to take care of his hygiene, too lazy to wash his hands, too ignorant to understand the importance!

Note: This is a work of fictionAny resemblance to a person living or otherwise may be purely coincidental

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