A long time ago official delegates from over twenty-five countries had a discourse on the importance of the standardisation.

Let us call these people intelligent minds.

So, the ‘intelligent minds’ gathered around and decided that the world could be a better place if we all ensured that the things we do are done with good standards.

And so, the World Standards Day was born.

What is World Standards Day anyway? Let us try to break it down into easy words for everyone to understand.

So, the intelligent minds that gathered around discussed that what we give to the world and everything around that is done with respect to the things we buy whether material or technical should all be delivered with the right quality and standards. So, for example if you buy your favourite phone in America, you will buy the same phone in India with the same quality and standards. Which means you can buy your favourite phone anywhere and it will deliver the same efficiency and aesthetics.

Do you know what ‘ISI Mark’ is that people so meticulously ensure while everything they buy?

Well, ISI too was one of the ideas the intelligent minds formulated.

Each year the intelligent minds gather and plan a theme for the world and its inhabitants to commemorate and practice.

This year too, in keeping with the recent times of pandemic and global low, the theme is ‘Protecting the World with Standards’. The theme is to uphold the idea of fuel efficient cars, better degradable material, products with less environmentally damaging chemicals etc.

The theme itself is very self-explanatory.

But, why is this day so important?

It is a two-way process and extremely humanitarian. Think to yourself, when you buy some groceries at a super store you buy it without hesitation knowing that it is safe for you and your family. Similarly, a company sells it with the exact trust that it is safe and reliable.

Earth management is a global issue and requires being dealt with in unity.

World Standards Day is a reminder to ensure the trust continues for one another.

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